I’d like to welcome you all to the wonderful world of Fetish as they launch their 2014 Holiday Collection.This season is all about Vintage and Sparkles and Romance and here’s one of the four looks that we were able to shoot.

It’s extremely humbling to be a part of this experience because I’ve always loved Fetish and their clothes since I was in high school. To be chosen as their model and brand ambassadress is simply a dream that I wish to never wake up in.
It took us a whole day to shoot for the collection and I didn’t even feel tired, It all felt so surreal and so amazing to be working with the best people, the best boutique in the city, at the best location.
We shot this at the Lacson Ruins in Bacolod and it couldn’t be more perfect knowing that this was in my grandparent’s old house– and it simply meant a lot.
I’ve always wanted to do a shoot with Lois Campos and finally getting to work with her was very exciting. She always manages to take the most excellent pictures and make them look beautifully surreal and magical, and this was exactly how I wanted to communicate TiaLacson Blog as– an unfinished adventure, of dreams and colors, in this glitter-filled,crazy,beautiful life.
**Special Thanks to Clarissa Campos for my Hair and Make Up and to Ashley Yee for helping out and making this whole thing a success!
Hope you all stay tuned for the next ones!


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December 13, 2014