Tia Lacson About

Hey friends!

Can I tell you the most important story I could ever tell? Yes?

Okay then…

Let me tell you why this blog exists….

I started blogging in 2012, while I was stuck on a garage with nothing to do one saturday afternoon. I figured that since I loved clothes so much and I was more artistic than mathematic, (I always loved to draw, write on my journal, take photos, and explore new places back in highschool) that I make my journal open to the public and start my own blog. So that very same afternoon, I jumped in and thought, ‘what the hell– let’s see how this goes’ and made my own website. Before that,It took me about a year to muster up the courage to finally own up to the fact that I wanted to be a blogger and here I was, publishing my very first article without knowing what to do next.

I did everything by myself at first, didn’t know where to start and just studied the aspects of blogging along the way. People didn’t believe in me,and some even doubt me until now. I grew my blog without short-cuts. I stayed up late at night figuring out little details about blogging and researched some more the following day. But I didn’t mind– being creative makes me feel free to be who I am. Finishing an article makes me the happiest. Taking a beautiful photo gives me so much joy more than buying material things ever will. And blogging gives me so much to look forward to. This is why I blog.

Aside from following my dreams–This blog is for people who want to make their dreams come true even if judging eyes fall upon them. This is for people who are stuck on their 9-5 and one day want to break free and travel the world. My pictures are for those who need a little boost of creativity to get through a gloomy day. My words are for those in need of advice, and for those who need a friend. It’s for girls who always loved to dress up, and for anyone who always wanted to see the world. Its also a little bit of those who want to travel in style. Most of all, this is for everyone of you who was ever told you wouldn’t make it, but you want to prove them wrong and keep doing what you love.



Tia Lacson is an Enderun Graduate with a degree in Business and Marketing Managemet.

She is a licensed Real Estate Broker.

She is an airbnb host.

She is a Gold Medalist National Team Swimmer.

She is a Singer at the NIHOP praise and worship team.

She is one of the few and chosen Reward Style, Style Moi, Choies Publishers in the Philippines and a member of Net-a-Porter’s the Net Set.

She has worked with several international and local brands and has appeared as a guest, judge, and speaker for events.

She is a fashion, ramp and TV commercial model.

She is the founder of this blog.

She is the co-founder of JoinTheJourneyPh.