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Tia Lacson Blog is an online Fashion Destination that incorporates Traveling, Photography, and Writing. It’s about exciting places and stylish clothes. It’s about embracing life, taking risks and going on adventures. I love to inspire people through the art I put in my photos and daily outfits and to encourage them to travel more through the places I go to.
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 I’m available for collaboration and advertising in the  fashion and travel industry. I’m always interested to go to new places and experience different cultures, traditions, cuisines and adventures and to share them with my readers. I also love dressing up and looking stylish all the time when I travel, or even when I am just back at home so I always update my social media platforms with my outfits and my latest style obsessions. I can’t wait to write about my fashionable travel destinations, reviews of the places I stay and the clothes I wear, and to show you the stunning images that I take.
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