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It’s All in Bohol: Top 5 Underrated Places to Visit in Bohol

August 16, 2019

Bohol is popular to many for its Chocolate Hills, peanut kisses, and tarsiers, but only a few have delved into the underrated wonders of the place and the travel destinations it is capable of offering. Because of its extensive limestone formations, Bohol has one of the most numerous caves in all the cities I’ve ever visited. So much so, that some believe it got its…


Fly to South Korea in 4 Easy Steps: How to Get your Korean Tourist Visa

August 8, 2019

South Korea is such a prime tourist destination for travellers all over the world, most especially the Philippines. The sad part? Filipinos need to get their Korean Tourist Visa processed before they can visit the country. Processing a visa isn’t always the easiest and there’s no fit-for-all criteria to getting it approved. But no worries! I’ll be here to help you get through the toughest…


Atmosphere Resorts & Spa : The Philippines’ Patch of Paradise

April 21, 2019

  “Find a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Sometimes, this just isn’t true. No matter how much passion you feel for the job you’re doing, there are just days when the workload is too much, or the itinerary is too jampacked. Overburdening yourself, no matter if it’s for something you’re passionate about, will often lead to burnout.  …


BE Resorts Mactan : Where I Love to BE

March 26, 2019

   BE Resorts in Mactan’s beachfront properties have such a refreshing vibe that just looking around can relax you. They pay a great deal of detail to symmetry and color so it’s also INCREDIBLY Instagrammable!   BE There! From Manila to Cebu: Book a Cebu-bound flight from NAIA to Mactan International Airport From Mactan International Airport, go along Airport Arrival Road and Lapu-Lapu Airport Road.…

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