My first fashion post in 2017, and I’m starting off the year with this wonderful top that I absolutely cant get over with just yet. Since it’s a brand new year, I’m adding ‘doing more outfit posts’ to my new years resolutions, since last year, I sort of focused more on travel posts and guides. This time it will be more about balance, and being creative with every post. (more…)




The word ‘ecstatic’ would be an understatement seeing something you purely imagined out of your mind come to life and finally have a personality of its own. It was a sudden bang of like-minded people and a mood board come to life executed with a cohesion of our own personal distinctions, that my team and I have decided to finally give birth to this super chic, and classic baby of a designer wear we all so love, called—

LUXESAINT. (more…)


Slipdress in Sirao

What’s a summer girl got to do when fall starts slipping in? She wears a maroon slipdress and visits the flower gardens to bring the brights and colors this autumn/winter 2016.