Tony & Jackey Salon Styled My Dream for only 4,999PHP

Tony & Jackey Salon Styled My Dream for only 4,999PHP

Admit it: you don’t treat yourself often enough. You try to invest in experiences, but sometimes, these experiences can wear down the body. As a person who travels quite often, my hair has been exposed to the elements a lot leaving it a little worse for wear. I love that I’m pursuing my passion, but I’m leaving my crowning glory a little, well, not-so-glorious. So, before my trip to Daejeon in South Korea, I figured I shouldn’t compromise on either end! I decided to give my hair some well-deserved love and pampering from Tony & Jackey’s Korean hair specialists.

A friend recommended the place so I booked an appointment for me my Mom. I just wanted to change my hair color but they were having a promo which included the Mucota Scena Clinic treatment, so I got that, as well. I’ll have you guys know that it was really worth every single centavo, and here’s why!

What is Tony & Jackey?

Back in 2001, a small salon opened up on a corner  in Malate, Manila. Their goal was to style the hair of the Korean demographic and make them feel like they were back in their home country. To achieve that goal, they needed an eye-catching name.

The owners then used the names of two pioneer Korean hair stylists which drew the attention of the masses. And that was where Tony & Jackey started.


Now, they’ve branched out nationwide and became a corporation with 60% Filipino and 40% Korean ownership.


Why Tony and Jackey?


  • Accessibility

Tony & Jackey has over 50 outlets in malls nationwide, a few of which are written below:


  • Amoranto
  • Araneta Cubao
  • Cyperpark Tower 1
  • Eastwood Cyber and Fashion Mall
  • Lucky China
  • Magallanes
  • Pavillion Mall
  • Robinsons Las Piñas
  • Savemore Nagtahan
  • SM branches
  • South Park Alabang
  • Southwoods Mall
  • The District – Imus
  • Walter Mart Bulacan

  Since they’re mostly in malls, you can just drop in or schedule an appointment whenever it’s most convenient for you! Once you get your hair done, you can walk around the mall like the brand new woman you are! Note that they highly recommend booking an appointment beforehand because of the unpredictable number of customers. Book your appointment now!


  • Wide Range of Services


Tony & Jackey is known for their crazy discounts and expert hair care. They do everything from regular haircuts, updos, and blow drying to rebonding, hot/cold perms, and revitalizing treatments. They also have services such as manicures and nail art.


Like I said earlier, I wanted to change my hair color and the promo included the Mucota Scena Clinic. The Mucota Scena is a 4-step extensive repair treatment system which basically revives hair freshness and leaves it super shiny! Do you want to know the best part? It’s that the whole thing only cost 4,999PHP!

Their full list of services can be found here. Check it out and find the style and treatment that’s perfect for you!

  • Highly-trained Staff and Extensive Treatments


All of Tony & Jackey’s specialists are Filipinos and Koreans who were trained by professional Korean hair stylists. You’re rest assured to leave the salon with a perfect Kdrama-worthy look! They’re also really approachable and accommodating. I think they could tell I was a bit apprehensive, so they took the time to explain the treatment process and were very attentive to my needs.


The queuing system was surprisingly so efficient that we didn’t have to wait for long. But if you do end up having to wait around, they have racks of several fashion and beauty magazines. So, you can totally pass the time browsing through styles that you want for yourself!


Once inside, you can get a little overwhelmed from the variety of products and equipment that they use. There are some curler machines that they use for hot perms and rows and rows of hair products. The machines are top-of-the-line from the digital perm machine to the scissors they use for regular haircuts. The salon products they use are usually imported from Korea and Japan.


The layout of their salons is made in such a way that it’ll make you feel like you teleported to Korea as soon as you stepped inside. The salon, the equipment, the staff, and the results: everything is made with the thought of their customers in mind. You can totally tell that they take their craft seriously and only want what’s best for their customers!

How was my experience?

A few days before my Korea trip, I noticed how tired of my hair color I was. At the recommendation of a friend, I went to Tony & Jackey Salon for some well-deserved pampering!


I actually went to the salon with my mom for a little mother-daughter bonding. At first, we were both a bit hesitant since it was the first time we visited or even heard of the salon. I asked for their best hair stylist who was a Korean guy named Dave. I was about to tell him that I was looking to get an ashy base for my hair’s color, but I didn’t have to. He took one look at my hair and he knew exactly what I needed! He was basically my hair’s fairy godmother!


Dave and the other staff were so welcoming and the products they used were all really gentle. Usually, when I get my hair bleached, my scalp gets all tingly and almost painful. But, the treatment at Tony & Jackey Salon is really mild so it was a gentle and comfortable experience overall! Even my mom agreed that Dave and his assistants really knew what they were doing. My anxieties melted away as soon as their expert fingers combed through my hair. My locks and I never felt so pampered!


As for the results, I think my photos speak for themselves! I often bleach my hair so I expected it to be dry and brittle after everything, but it was soft to the touch and felt really strong! My new hair color was the best I’ve ever seen it. It was shining in the Philippine sun and I knew it would blend with the autumn leaves of Korea! (Watch out for my blog post about that soon!)

So, if you’re looking for a new style, or if you just wanna give your hair a bit of pampering, you know where to go! Head on over to Tony & Jackey Salon and let them style your dream!


Have you been to Tony & Jackey? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!