At-Home Series: How To Design Your Own Face Mask

At-Home Series: How To Design Your Own Face Mask

‘‘Stay safe. Wear a mask

These five words have been on everyone’s lips, in ads, and the news. The past couple of months hasn’t been easy for a lot of us, learning and having to adjust to what is now our new normal. Being home has given me the opportunity to brainstorm about how I can help and do my part to make friends and family feel safe.

I hope that you’re doing well and keeping as safe as you can. Times have changed a lot, most of you know me as “a traveler” (read about my travel guides here) but that’s been put on hold. Since being home, I’ve had the opportunity to take my time back into my own hands and use it productively. Adjusting to the new normal hasn’t been easy, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to take on. A lot of us have learned new skills during this quarantine and I want to share with you how you can personalize your face mask.

The anatomy of my masks

3 ply DIY face mask

I’ve designed a 3 ply mask that includes the outer fabric, canvas, and lining. As far as protection for non-medical personnel, the fabric masks I’ve helped create aren’t just safe – they’re stylish. We all know that face coverings aren’t just for your protection but that of others as well. We can all do our part to help each other stop the spread of Covid19.


Sewing machines would make this project easier and neater. However, it’s okay not to have a sewing machine when making your mask, not everyone has one, and it’s easy enough that all we need is a needle, thread, and a note to follow sew.  I’ll include the following in my kit :

  1. Lace patches
  2. Beads
  3. Needle
  4. Thread
  5. Fabric glue
  6. Garter
Materials for customizing face mask

Pictured above is everything I used to embellish my masks. You can opt for a plain mask or a colorful one. The choice is yours.

Using fabric glue to design

Gluing rhinestones to design face mask

I used E7000 adhesive glue, which is a must-have for fabrics and crafts. If you’re going to be pasting things onto fabric, I suggest that you make sure the glue you choose will work on fabric as well as plastic. I chose rhinestones to add a little sparkle to my mask and glued them on sporadically.

Sewing on a lace patch

Sewing on a lace patch

On this mask, I decided to sew on a lace patch. I think these patches are just so classy, and you don’t need to do the whole mask. Adding one accent is good enough if the patch is large. To add a little more flair to my mask, I glued some more rhinestones on.


Personalized face mask

You’ve just made your very own face-covering!

Of course, you should follow how to wear, wash, and remove your mask using the proper guidelines by the World Health Organization. Thanks for coming on a different kind of journey with me, one meant for safety but also style.

If you’re interested in purchasing a ready-to-wear mask, you can head to my shop, or Luxesaint on Instagram. I also created new face mask designs for a special collaboration I did with a dear friend.

We can’t forget your skin! I’ve got another DIY Face Mask tutorial. Keep following my social media pages and blog for more At-Home series. Have fun! Stay safe. Wear a mask.