A common resolution every year is to travel more often, but we always seem to find a way to wriggle out of it. You might be lacking in time, money, or the energy to travel. Here’s a few travel resolutions you can try out in the new year to help you conquer all those excuses and make your travelling dreams come true!


1. Treat yourself to vacations more often.

When you’re 20-something, holding down a job seems like a top priority. We seldom forget that we are entitled to a few days off. These vacation days may feel like a luxury but they’re just as important as the work you do within the office. Schedule your vacation days ahead of time to avoid any conflicts!


2. Prepare a travel budget and stick to it.

You’ve saved up your money all year, and I’m sure you don’t want to blow it all on that extra cocktail at the luau. Make sure you have enough to cover your necessities, entrance fees, transportation, meals, and emergencies! THEN, you can splurge the rest!


 3. Be on the prowl for flight sales.

To save a bit more money, subscribe to email alerts for cheap plane tickets. You’ll be one of the first to know of the CHEAPEST flights and you can book them months ahead! You save cash, you’re time-efficient, and before you know it, you’re flying out the next day!


4. Pack a reusable water bottle.

From the dry air in planes, to walking around the city in the summer, you’ll be losing water fast! The best way to stay hydrated is to keep a reusable water bottle on your person. Your body will thank you and the earth will thank you!


5. Start your day early to maximize time.

For some, waking up early might not be at the top of their list. But, I’m not saying you have to wake up at 4:00 every morning (unless you want to watch the sunrise). Try to be out and about by 7:30 to skip any traffic, lines, or *knock on wood* any other delays you might come across!


6. Don’t be afraid to break a sweat!

Choosing between a hike or a cable car? Go for the hike! It’s a rare chance to work for something. PLUS, you’ll be saving some money and getting your muscles moving! You can take the cable car on the way down, if you must.


7. Take as many photos and selfies as you want!

One of my pet peeves is when someone chastises other people from taking photos or selfies while travelling. First, the view will not get tarnished if I spend 2 minutes taking a photo of it. Second, the food won’t get moldy if I take 40 seconds to post it on my IG story. You CAN do both: live in the present AND capture the moment in pixels. Enjoy yourself and take that damn selfie!

8. Don’t be shy to ask strangers for help, but prioritize your safety!

Whether it’s asking someone to take your picture, or asking where the restroom is, don’t be afraid to ask for help! As much as I depend on it during my travels, Google maps isn’t going to tell you everything. It’s also a great way to gain insight whether it be from the locals or from your fellow tourists. But also, please trust your instincts about any suspicious people, and stay within a crowded and well-lit area as much as possible!

9. Try learning a few phrases in a foreign language.

Now, conversing with the locals may prove to be difficult if you aren’t familiar with their language. Try learning a few key phrases before your trip, or hire a local guide! You’ll maximize your experience by understanding the culture in a different and more personal perspective!

10. Avoid sticking to a strict schedule. Enjoy some spontaneity!

This isn’t for everyone, but I find that sticking to a strict timeline can be extremely exhausting! You’re already tired from the trip and you also have to stress about being in this exact place at this exact time– No, sir. Not for me! List down the key places you’d like to visit and leave some room for fun! You’re travelling to experience the world, not to stress your soul!

11. Try something new and adventurous when you can!

Paragliding, skiing, cliff jumping, kayaking: whatever it is you haven’t done yet, do it! When the opportunity presents itself, it’s your cue to take the leap or regret never trying it out once. You’re only young and reckless for a quarter or so of your life! Go and jump off that cliff!

12. Skip taxis and walk around more often.

Not only is this a great way to save money, but it opens you up to fresher experiences that you would’ve never gotten from within a car. Maybe you’ll come across a souvenir shop, get a whiff of the wild bougainvilleas, or have a conversation with a local! Take a walk when you can, and find out for yourself!

13. Try out the different street foods. Even the weirdest ones!

This is not for the faint of stomachs! Some of the most delicious (or interesting) treats you’ll ever taste will be sold on the streets. Chicken intestines? Tuna eyeballs? Boiled snails? Take to the streets and try out some of these delicacies!

14. Respect the customs of your destination.

Don’t forget to pack a bottle of respect! Not to burst your bubble, but not everything will be about you when you’re travelling. Some people won’t be accustomed to your strange behavior, and neither will you be to theirs. As the visitor, watch what the locals do and don’t do, and try to emulate them. A bit of research before visiting a country will also prove to be helpful.


15. Keep your trash to yourself. At least until you find the nearest bin.

So you’ve bought a pile of junk food and you’re tempted to leave your trash on your table? Don’t. Don’t even toss it out on the streets. Yes, even if it’s already littered with plastic bags and other junk! Carry your rubbish with you and toss it as soon as you find a garbage bin.

16. Be prepared for emergencies!

Now, I’m not wishing any harm happen to you during your trip, but it’s always good practice to be prepared. Have a copy of your emergency contacts on your person. For small injuries, keep a pillbox for over-the-counter meds, a few bandages, and alcohol. Make sure you also have the numbers for the local law enforcement memorized, and that you have enough money in case of emergencies!


17. Try travelling without a companion

One way to change things up on a trip is to go solo. It’s a thrilling experience which leads you to a path of self-reliance which you wouldn’t be able to do if you had your friends or family helping you along the way. You’ll also have better control of your schedule so you can go where YOU want to go and not have to wait around for anyone else! The other option is to:


18. Bring a large group of friends along on your next trip!

Travelling with your friends has its own perks that you can’t get from going solo. Carpooling, splitting bills, sharing a dorm– all of these things are easier when you have trustworthy companions with you! Some things you save for yourself, and the other moments, well, they’re sweeter when you’re in the company of someone else!

2019-Travel-Resolutions-Tia-Lacson19. Try volunteering for a good cause.

The best way to change up your travelling experience is volunteering for work abroad! There are a lot of places that offer PAID volunteer work if you’re willing to look for them, such as the United Nations, American Village Camps in France, and so much more! You’ll be doing fulfilling work, exploring the world, and possible getting a small income! What’s there to lose? Also check out this youtube video if you are planning to help save some dog’s lives and if you are a dog lover! This would mean the world to them! My heart seriously beats and goes out to Pawssion Project so if there’s anything I’d love to help raise awareness to, its this!




And there you have it, everyone! Try out any or all of these travel resolutions and tell me what you think! What’s YOUR 2019 resolution?