How To Start Your Own Blog

How To Start Your Own Blog

Hey guys, Tia here again with something that I hope can give you an idea about what it takes to start blogging in 2020. I started blogging several years ago, I loved it then, and I still do now. I’ve gone through a lot with this blog, ups, downs, and some mistakes. I wanted to share with you what to do and what not to do when starting your blog.

There’s no time like the present. That’s why it’s a gift.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time- it’s now. You’re not going to wake up one day with all the knowledge to get your blog up and running. If you wait a few years, nothing will get done, and you’ll be a few years older.


The first thing you need is a host. Think of it this way, before you build a house, you need a lot to build on. That’s what a hosting site is. An example would be GoDaddy, Bluehost or Domain. The host and blog site work hand in hand; the hosting site is where you create and place your domain name like “”

Hosting Sites:

A hosting site will help you get your website out into the web and can help you generate traffic for your blog. There are cheap ones and expensive ones, try to go for what will fit you the best. You don’t want anything for free because should anything happen, everything you’ve worked on will be gone. By using a hosting site, you will have a place to store your information and have a back-up if anything goes wrong. They have excellent security and can help your page load faster. If you have fantastic content, but it takes forever and a day to see it, what’s the point? Am I right? Right.


It’s no secret that WordPress is known as the best. It’s the number one site that a lot of content creators go to build their blog, myself included. Some hosting sites already link you up straight to WordPress when you sign up with them. If WordPress isn’t your thing, then you can try Wix or Square Space. I would suggest if you choose WordPress to opt for their WordPress Design. There’s a free WordPress, and there’s Not-Free WordPress. If your goal is to be someday monetized, then you’d want to choose the path that easiest to get there and with more options available.This option can make your blog look so much neater and more customized to the niche you’re trying to represent. It’s not free, but it’s worth it.

Blogging Platforms:

However, you must know that if you want to monetize your blog you’ve got to rethink choosing a site with a free platform. Your site needs to be able to adjust and build on your content. If it’s free, it can be taken away or hacked easily, and you won’t get any help. An example of using a free platform would be like you’re renting an apartment and the landlord is taking care of utilities, this is known as being hosted. And your domain name isn’t entirely yours. You’d have to add “” Being self-hosted, however, means you own the property. You can renovate and add or subtract anything you like.

That being said, when you choose the right hosting site and platform, you’re building on a strong foundation.


What do you love to do? To talk about? To write about?

Picking a niche might seem straightforward if you’re going for trending topics. But, it’s better to start with something you know and something you love. It’ll be easier to talk and write about frequently.

Master of ONE is better than being Master of NONE.

By focusing on one topic and dedicating quality content towards it, you can start to build your audience. Studies have shown at that over 77% of users read blogs. You’re going to want to make sure that you know what you’re talking about when they land on your site.  If you can start in one place and build it up, later on, you can diversify your range to suit other topics as well.

I started with fashion because I loved it and it just later on expanded into my second passion — travel. You can see my fashion site here. And my travel pages here.


It would help if you filled up your new blog. Just like a house needs furniture. If your readers know where and when to catch something from you, then they can count on you. This is how you can build a loyal base.

While you’re at it, start an e-mail list so that they can remember who you are and what you do. The thing about writing is that it doesn’t have to be thesis-level for every post. You’ve got to be relatable and how can people relate to you, if they can’t understand you? If you’re not a great writer, that’s okay. Here are some websites that can help you with that:

On-page SEO is also important to remember when you’re writing your blog posts. SEO is optimizing your website or page to help it rank higher in search engines. You can do this by using your keyword in your title and URL.

53% of all website traffic comes through organic searches.

Pro tip: Not a whole lot of people will probably be reading your first post, so go for it.You can always learn along the way. The point is to START.

Keep writing The technique to being good at something is to keep doing it as often as you can. This applies to starting a youtube channel as well. And cross post on your social media channels: Like Facebook and Youtube. This can drive traffic to your other socials and make it easier to find you and your blog.

Extra Pro Tip: Give yourself 20 or more topics. This way, you have a guide about what to talk about. 😘


BUT hear me out, I mean to treat it the same way you’d treat any business you own or run, you invest in it. Read books, take courses, do what you can to learn more about the blogging world and how to grow. I started blogging out of my passion for sharing my experiences with my friends, family, and people who might find the same interests. It is when social media hit and a new opportunity opened up to bloggers like myself.

But know this, if you’re looking to just profit from your blog, don’t. If you do, the quality of content you would be putting out will all seem — fake. Remember, I started this blog way back when nobody saw  the potential of this type of platform. I believe when it starts from deep passions and genuine interest, well, everything will just fall in the right place. Brands in return will recognize this and then that’s where the REAL work begins.


Besides using other platforms like Facebook and Instagram to engage, make friends with other bloggers. The reason why it seems like all of these bloggers seem to know each other is because they’ve grown together and they’ve made genuine connections with each other. Follow people you admire and show them genuine appreciation. Wouldn’t you want the same? Get the word out there!  You’ve got a blog with something to offer, don’t be shy about telling people.


A lot of famous bloggers are where they are today because they didn’t give up. Growing an audience and turning it into a community takes dedication, hard work, and some days with no return. But if you love it, you’ll keep going.

Always hire what you can’t do.

Before I had my camera, I hired a professional photographer to help me with photos for my content and Instagram.

Don’t be shy about asking for help. I didn’t know how to build my website, and I asked the team of BRIGHTSAND designs to help me build up.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have help. So don’t think that you have to do it all alone.

Before posting a blog, ask a friend to read it. You’ll learn more as you go along, but you’ll never know if you don’t start.