I’m not one of those guys who will tell you to quit your job, book a 1-way ticket to Bangkok and travel the world indefinitely. But I’m going to be the one to tell you to quit your job if that is what’s keeping you away from your passion.

Working in a bank but deep inside you really are a talented painter? Go paint. Stuck in a 9-5 when your heart really tells you, you want to pursue that singing career? Then by all means go after what your heart desires with every inch of your body.

I’ll start with my experience here— Ever since I was a little girl, I would always sketch up girls and design clothes for them, and join poster making contests, and paint in canvas. I also competed internationally as a long distance swimmer and since then developed my love for travelling and discovering a new culture. So from here, I guess it’s pretty obvious that I loved creating things, fashion, art, and travelling to new places.

This is also a personal post, since I want to tell everyone that I was taught to work hard for what I want, like I had to be in the With Highest Honor’s list to get a Barbie Doll, and I had to win MVP in an international swimming meet in HongKong to finally get my very first Louis Vuitton Bag. I was never the type of girl that would cry over stuff that I can’t get just because I want them. I knew I had to work hard for it.

As soon as I moved back to Bacolod after working for a real estate company in Manila, I was shoved into working for another, then another company that I thought I fooled myself into loving. But it’s different. Somehow if you hide your passion in a sewer, the smell still manages to seep through until you finally can’t hide it anymore.

I just want to clarify though that my previous jobs weren’t bad. They compensated me well, taught me a lot of lessons that I definitely needed now, and I’ve met the most wonderful people who are still very precious to me.

I liked what I was doing for the moment, but it didn’t satisfy me. ( I feel like it just wasn’t ME.)

It’s something I could enjoy doing but there are other things you can do that will keep you up at night because you’re just so passionate about them.

So right there and then, I quit my job, flew to Jakarta with my friends to travel and take a breather.


It was at the tip of the mountain top in Kawah Bromo, in East Java, Indonesia, that I finally realised that I had set myself free.In that moment, I was looking up at the sky and thanking God for this immense joy that I had felt. During our journey, I also met so many people who cheered me on, and said that this was good for me, and I felt it physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.It was there that I traveled with people who had the same goals and dreams as I had, conquered my severe fear of heights, and learned to ride a horse by myself! I also realized that I was slowly living my dreams since I could travel more from this moment on, and have fun while working.tia-lacson-I-quit-my-job-passion-freedom

I have freed myself from the bondages of fitting into the stereotype of climbing up the corporate ladder and finally standing out and up for what my heart wants even if it seems unconventional and impractical to some. 

I bet you’re reading this and thinking, yeah we get it so what are you doing with your life now—

Well, right now, I’m happy to share with you that I’m finally pursuing my hopes and dreams of being a designer and my clothing line is called Luxesaint. (www.luxesaint.com) — the brand seeks to create an indispensable luxe womenswear line that has a distinctive feature of its own. Each piece is a statement and each outfit crafted cleverly tailored to stand out through unique cuts and romantic aesthetics, and here are some of my designs below :


aside from that, I’m focusing on creating better content for you guys, (my readers) through travel guides, ootd posts and Vlogs (stay tuned!) about my adventures, since this is really what I feel I am called to do, and love doing.

The Question Is–Am I scared of taking this big step in my life doing what I’m passionate about but not knowing if I’ll ever succeed or not?

Heck Yes I am!

But then again,here are pieces of advice for you guys who are in the same position and crossroads as I am.

1.)It’s always better to look back with disbelief at doing something soooo risky, than looking back at your life with regret. Regret is very disabling.

2.)Comfort yourself in the thought that you don’t need so much in life, and that pursuing what you are passionate about, and being so good at it that you find ways to make money with it, is priceless.

Imagine the feeling of working for what you love, or better yet for yourself, and knowing that every little thing you do will only add up to your personal fulfilment rather than working for someone or a bunch of people you don’t really know that will only get richer and richer as you get more miserable by the day.

3.)I’d rather live with eating a banana a day knowing I’m doing what I love and I can always work on being better and better because I’m passionate about it, AND THEN eat all the bananas I WANT. Or I’d rather eat a banana a day working on pursuing my passion slowly than eat at a buffet but never have the time and energy to actually do something that makes me happy, so I’d just keep eating at buffets because I have a high salary but get fat because I’m depressed.

4.)This post is NOT ABOUT QUITTING.


5.) And Lastly…

Be bold, and be brave, and (as my favourite quote goes) always be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your heart on fire.


Because if your heart is in it, then what  and who could possibly stop you?