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South Korea


Fly to South Korea in 4 Easy Steps: How to Get your Korean Tourist Visa

August 8, 2019

South Korea is such a prime tourist destination for travellers all over the world, most especially the Philippines. The sad part? Filipinos need to get their Korean Tourist Visa processed before they can visit the country. Processing a visa isn’t always the easiest and there’s no fit-for-all criteria to getting it approved. But no worries! I’ll be here to help you get through the toughest…

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Discover Daejeon : A Comprehensive Travel Guide

December 16, 2018

Annyeonghaseyo! If you’ve been to or been planning to make a trip to South Korea, you may have listed down Seoul or Busan on your go-to bucketlist. I’m here to tell you now, that somewhere in-between those two cities lies one of the coolest and most amazing cities I’ve ever gotten to explore! That’s right, this trip is all about Daejeon! Picture nature showing off, ample…

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