Exploring BALI: A Complete Travel Guide to the island’s iconic spots

Exploring BALI: A Complete Travel Guide to the island’s iconic spots

Aaahh, BALI.


For many, Bali has been known as the place to Eat, Pray, Love before it became an instagram haven for those us who check our phones every chance we get and practically stick our face to it the whole day. 

For me though, Bali is so much more. It’s a place where you can just be yourself and enjoy living the tropical life. Hop on to the next city and it becomes a place where you can zen out and be at peace with nature. It can be a wild party and a chill sunset session, and it can be amazing resorts and restaurants and shopping for the rest.


A lot of people always ask me, “What’s the best way to explore Bali?” 

Although my ideal answer would be to stay there and never leave, or to rent a villa with your friends and chill there for 6 months, I’ll give you a travel guide on how to explore the best and the most instagrammable places for just 4-5 days.



Pre-Trip Preparations:


Visa and Flights

Philippine Passport holders are entitled to a visa-free entry to Indonesia for 30 days.

For your flights, you can book cheap flights to Bali via Cebu Pacific. You can fly from Manila to Bali for as low as 4995 Php this coming May 2018.  To check for flights, click here.

Car Rentals

Renting a Car is the most advisable way to get around Bali. You get to travel to as many places as you want, compared to riding a cab to go around.

Usual Car Rental Rates from Bali Airport to Hotel Area:

Car Rental Rates with Driver:

For 8 hours the usual rate is 500,000 IDR ,adding 1 hour extra is 50,000 IDR/ hour

(East of bali tour , north tour , kintamani tour ) is 600.000 for 8 hours


You can also save money with your Wifi, Car Rentals and Transfers by pre-booking below:




Where we stayed:  – 1,288/night  at Airbnb (Canggu)

I was already so happy with our accommodation since it was just me and my friend exploring the city. Technically it all goes down to 644/person/night so it was already a good deal and the place was already really nice!

For 4 nights, I spent 2,576 Php for Accommodation and it was not. bad. at. all.

Bali has all kinds of places you can stay in, from Hostels to Luxury Villas, they won’t run out and most don’t disappoint. Depending on the type of traveller that you are, here are some more choices for you:

Hostels – 344 Php/night at Bali Green Hostel

               -447 Php/night at Capsule Hotel Bali Seminyak


Boutique Hotels– 1,200 Php/night at Grandma’s Legian

Villas – 2,835/night at Airbnb – There are so many villas around Seminyak and Kuta that you can stay in for a very reasonable price. You can check them out here, enjoy! 

          – Click here to book affordable Villas


Really Good 4-5 Star Resorts you might want to check out if you are looking for Luxury Hotels/ Resorts:

 – Ayana

 -Padma Ubud


-The Mulia Bali

– W Hotel Seminyak

Munduk Moding Plantation

This hotel was one of the places I really wanted to visit in Bali. They have this pool that looks like an entrance to heaven, plus their spa services are really excellent. Here, I got a traditional Swedish massage after we had our delicious lunch prepared by the chef and it was just the afternoon we needed after exploring the whole morning.

Pre-booking your Activites to Save Money

I like to pre-book my activities with Klook to make sure I have days where I’m certain of what I’m going to do and explore plus I get to save money and it’s hassle-free!

You can check out some amazing activities here:






Read blogs for more information

I’ve blogged about Bali before according to what you can do for each city, with detailed descriptions, food activity recommendations which you can read about here.

Packing for a trip

Lightweight clothes, Swimwear, and a sweater just in case are usually my essentials when in Bali. Mostly made up of bikinis, scarves and slip-ons though, even if it’s raining in Bali, it’s still humid for the most part. 

Mosquito Repellent- just to be safe. I always bring this around whenever I travel around asia. You can also add sunscreen and lotion to that.

When staying in hostels- bring a towel, toiletries, and your own hygiene products.

Bring a Camera to capture all the amazing moments you are going to experience! I always bring my Fujifilm XT10 along with me to capture all my photos. For my lenses, I use the 16mm for wide shots with bokeh and the 56mm for portraits, food shots and for greater depth.

Best Time to Go

The best time to go to Bali is from May – June where the sun is out. Peak season is between July- August. April is dry season and November -March is usually rainy.




Day 1

Arrive in Bali in the morning

Rent a Car with Driver, 250,000 IDR

lunch at Cafe Organic/  – 100,000 IDR

Check- in at 2:00 PM

Walk around Seminyak Area/ Visit W Hotel Seminyak / Take pictures in Sea Circus

Enjoy the Sunset at Kuta Beach-  (Free option)

or Go to La Laguna ( 750,000 IDR consumable)

Dinner and party at Motel Mexicola- 200,000 IDR

Total Expenses 550,000 IDR.


Day 2

Breakfast at Strawberry Fields, Canggu- 100,000 IDR

Tour the culture-filled Ubud where you can marvel at what Bali’s natural resources can offer. From their busy Art Markets to their relaxing rice terraces, exploring Ubud is a must when visiting Bali.

Rent a Car to visit Ubud- 250, 000 IDR

Tegalalang Rice Terraces- 10,000 IDR / person

Lunch+ Dinner at Warung in Ubud- 100,000 IDR

Campuhan Ridge Walk- Free

Karangasem District – 10,000 IDR Donation to Locals

Tirta Gangga- 30,000 IDR


Total Expenses 500,000 IDR/1886.67Php

Day 3

Pura Ulun Danu

Rent a car with driver- 250,000 IDR for two people.

Breakfast at Warung-  80,000 IDR

Explore Bedugul Area

Handara Gate- it was free when we went but now I think the locals/ resort charges for those who want to visit and take pictures already.

Pura Ulun Danu- 50.000 IDR

Stop by the picturesque landmarks along the way (Twin Lake View at Wanagiri and Botanical Garden)

  • The Botanical Garden is another option for those of you who don’t have the time to visit Handara and want a picture with the famous gates.

Munduk Moding Plantation is along this area so if you want to visit, schedule it on this day.

Lunch and Dinner- 100,000 IDR at local warung for dinner/ bring packed lunch while touring


Total expenses = 480,000 IDR/ 1811.20Php

Day 4

Nusa Islands Tour: I did the Nusa Penida Day tour, but during my previous trip to Bali, I did the 3 islands tour with Klook Which you can book here.

There are 3 Islands composing the Nusa Tours namely: Nusa Penida (my favorite), Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan.

Here’s the difference between the three:

Nusa Penida: is where you’ll find the Angel’s Billabong, The broken Beach etc. A day tour here would be great if you want to take pictures and really swim and take time around this island. *Suggested

Nusa Lembongan: Is good for snorkeling and chilling. I highly recommend Hai Beach Club for a good place to chill while exploring this place.

Nusa Ceningan: I only stopped for a bit here, so my knowledge is limited, but if you want to see more places to go and get more info, click here.

Save and book your tours here:


Total Expenses for the Day: 500,000 IDR For Tour , Lunch and hotel pickup included. 

klook travel

Budget Guide (tailored for 2 people):


MONEY AND EXCHANGE- Make sure to have your money changed before travelling. US Dollars usually have a better exchange rate when in Bali. They use IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) which is about

1371700.72 IDR= 5000Php= around 100 USD.

Daily Expense Total:

Day 4Total Expenses for the Day: 500,000 IDR For Tour , Lunch and hotel pickup included.

Day 3- Total expenses = 480,000 IDR/ 1811.20Php Food and Transportation included.

Day 2-Total Expenses 480,000 IDR Food and Transportation included.

Day 1- Total Expenses 550,000 IDR Food and Transportation included.

Plus Accommodation –682,686 IDR

Total = 10160.40 Php/ 2,692,686 IDR 

Summaries Total:

Accommodation – 644 Php/ night So for four nights                                                           =2,576 Php /682685.34 IDR

Car Rentals – 500,ooo IDR /2

= 950Php/ person/day

-Three Days Car Rental                                                                                                                     = 2,850 Php/755300.16 IDR

Entrances at Tourist Spots = For 4 days, alot around 200,000 IDR                             = 755 Php   / 200,000 IDR

Meals – 500/day Php at local warungs/ restaurants                                                                 =2000 Php/530035.20 IDR

Nusa Penida Day Tour = 1,000,000 IDR /2                                                                          =1,825 Php/ 500,000 IDR


                                                                                                                                      Total = 10,006 Php/ 2650176.00 IDR



To Sum it all up:


Bali is plain beautiful. There are a million things you can do, but it also doesn’t have to be expensive. If budget is a concern, then you can always refer to the budget guide that you can use as basis above. But it can also be a great place for those looking to travel luxuriously, since it offers such a wide variety of choices of restaurants, hotels, and even activities.

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