Dubai: Tips for Long Haul Flights

Dubai: Tips for Long Haul Flights


Long haul flights are a test. When we visited Dubai, we took a long haul yet direct flight from Manila and it was about 8 hours long.  Yes, we love to travel as far as we can, however we still really have to go through the lines, checking in, transferring from one airport to another and the discomfort of flying in the air for some of us. When my co-travellers and I booked a trip to Dubai, we made sure we were prepared not just with our gears but also with our outfits and what to bring during our flight from Manila to Dubai. If you are planning to visit Dubai, here’s a pre-trip preparation post on how I usually manage these long haul flights like a boss and I’ll be giving you tips on how you can too!




So, we travelled to Dubai and booked with Cebu Pacific Air and it was definitely my number one choice since it was really affordable compared to other airlines and I have been flying with this airline for the longest time so I can say that it is trusted as well! It is also one of the first long haul flights Cebu Pacific offers so we were really excited to try it out.

 Cebu Pacific Airlines is the largest and low-cost carrier in our country and the only one that offers direct flights from Manila to Dubai. The flight is 8-hours and 55-minutes long and  a one way ticket usually costs around 6,000 PHP to 13,000 PHP. But if you’re lucky though, you can get discounted fares for as low as 967PHP!!

Moreover, Cebu Pacific Airlines  offers daily flights to Dubai  at 4:45PM – 10:40PM so there are a lot of choices when it comes to flying time.


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Web Check-In:

If you want to speed up your check in process, Cebu Pacific offers a web/ mobile check-in service to avoid these long lines and for you to have an easier process when you get your boarding pass at the airport. You can use your mobile device  to check in as early as 7 days before your flight until 4 hours before your flight to check in and get your boarding pass. This service is really fast and convenient and I definitely recommend this especially when you are also running a little late and it’s traffic on the way to the airport.

Baggage Allowance and Carry On:

Another factor to consider when booking your long-haul flight is your baggage allowance. If you love to bring a lot of outfits, accessories and gadgets like me you can always book for extra baggage allowance. These are the said rates for  one way flights from Manila to Dubai:

  • 20KG: 1800 PHP
  • 32KG: 2800 PHP
  • 40KG: 3800 PHP
    • You can get a free 25KG if you book a baggage allowance FROM Dubai (only.) This is not available on flights FROM Manila to Dubai.

Also take note that each piece of checked in baggage must not weigh more than 32kg. If checked bag exceeds 32kg, please redistribute the contents to other bags.


Take note that carry-on luggages have limits when it comes to its size and weight-  a maximum weight of  7 kg and dimension of up to 56cm x 36cm x 23cm to be exact. Passengers may also bring a small bag in addition with its hand carry not exceeding 35cm x 20cm x 20cm.




Some of us are not so comfortable with long haul flights because we have to remain seated for 8+ hours. The only way is to take time to walk around the aisle to exercise your body and avoid cramps or to sleep or keep ourselves entertained.

Below I’ve outlined WHAT TO BRING to survive long flights:

• Slip-on shoes/ socks

– I know all of us want a comfortable flight. Slip-ons will get you through security and this is easy to remove on the plane. You need more extra space to make you feel more comfortable. Some however like to keep warm so if you are like me, socks are also another option!

• Food


– Sandwiches and biscuits. You can bring fruits like apples and oranges, but Cebu Pacific also offers meals, drinks and snacks on the plane so you can also order them ahead online like we did!

Below are the usual prices of their meals:

  • Sandwich: 180-250PHP
  • Pasta: 350PHP
  • Rice Meals: 350PHP
  •  Water– You need this to stay hydrated. Bring an empty bottle that you can ask to fill it when it’s empty during the flight.

• Entertainment

– Have a great time disconnecting! You will not have internet connection during the flight so it’s better to download movies and games to entertain yourself. And don’t forget to sync Spotify playlists to your phone for offline listening. You can also opt to bring a book if you like. For  myself, I found inspiration for my Dubai photos in magazines and I read the articles about dubai in the airlines very own smile magazine. It helped me a lot since it really got me excited to visit the place.


• Jacket/Coverup

– Sometimes the plane can be very cold or just airports in general– so always make sure to bring a jacket, or a scarf to cover yourself up and to keep warm.

• Pillow

– I like to Bring a travel pillow to make sleeping more comfortable since it helps especially if I don’t want my head to hit the  window or my seat mate! haha

• Toothbrush & toothpaste, face wipes/ wash, Lotion, Perfume

– Brushing your teeth and washing your face are the easiest ways to feel refreshed again. Flights can drain your energy so make sure to always carry your kit on your hand carry so you can freshen up at any time.

Also Recommended:

• Earplugs

• Pen

• Moisturizer

• Deodorant

So for Dubai, you may ask, why did we book our trip with Cebu Pacific Air? Well, it’s simple and here’s why you should as well:

 Convenience and Practicality– direct flights to Dubai are not easily available from Manila, But with Cebu Pacific Airlines, it’s easier and possible most especially when you want to save yourself the hassle of a connecting flight and when you want to maximize your travel time. Most of us I know only have a few days allocated for travelling so if saving time when you fly is possible, you go for that option!

Lowest Year-Round Fare– Cebu Pacific Airlines offers one of the cheapest (or probably the only cheapest one) flights from Manila to Dubai.

To score the cheapest rate when booking flights, here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • Visit their website regularly to see promos and discounts
  • Like their Facebook Page to be updated on their announcements and promos! 

So these are my pre-travel tips and must-pack essentials for added comfort during long haul flights.  The flight usually is long and may be tiring, but with preparation, you’ll fly with ease that’s for sure. Just think of the fun you’ll have when you finally land to your destination!

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Hope you found this helpful and wishing you a breezy and hassle-free flight on your next trip!


SEE YOU ON THE NEXT TRIP and Thanks for #TravellingWithTia!