Ilaya Highland Resort : Inhale, Exhale, Experience

Ilaya Highland Resort : Inhale, Exhale, Experience

ILAYA HIGHLAND RESORT; The newest tourist destination here in Patag, Silay City, Negros Occidental. A Place where you can INHALE, EXHALE & EXPERIENCE the good life…

With their Balinese-inspired architectural details and an infinity pool with a stunning view, it is definitely perfect for friends and families who want to relax and bond, as well as people who want a good picture, and those that crave to eat good food.

Located in Patag, Negros Occidental, it is a 40-45 minute drive away from the New Bacolod-Silay International airport. We spoke to the Manager, Mr. Wyatt Hinolan regarding his plans and by the looks of it, this place will be the next hit tourist destination in Negros.  He has 3 development plans for this and the first is to finish the restaurant and the swimming pool. For the second phase, he is planning to put up a glamping site just behind the resto, and for the third phase– Villas that are also Balinese inspired.How exciting does that sound? I was so thrilled to visit the place that I went the soonest that I had free time! 

How to get there?

From Bacolod City to Silay City

  • Ride a bus from New Ceres North Terminal going Silay City. Ask the  bus conductor to drop you off at Patag or Capitan Ramon Terminal near Prince Hypermarket.
  • When you reach the Patag Terminal you can ask the driver to take you to Ilaya Highland Resort.

Fare: 45 Php

Travel time from Bacolod City Proper: 1 hr and 30 mins to 2 hours

(If you’re going with a private vehicle, you may use the Waze app like we did and just ask the helpful locals around to point you to “Ilaya”.)



  • Ilaya Highland Resort doesn’t allow outside food because they have their own restaurant and they actually serve delicious food and drinks here. We ordered their burger, and BLT sandwich, as well as their hot chocolate and white chocolate drinks that was perfect for the weather. We were also served their kamote french fries and it was really good!
  • Ilaya hires most of their staff from Patag so they can help provide the local community with jobs –and I think that that is really important and nice of the property to do so.
  • What I also liked about the staff was the fact that they were very observant; they helped us transfer our things while it was raining, and provided us with umbrellas. They also helped out this little kid who was running towards the toilet and I think that it was very professional and thoughtful for the staff.
  • Ilaya also provides golf carts for the elderly so they would have an easier time going around the place.


You can find their menu HERE.


  • As of now, Ilaya is not available for  overnight stays but they are still working on their rooms’ development phases.
  • They are trying their best though to make their glamping sites and villas come to life as soon as possible. For the glamping sites just behind the restaurant, they were thinking of putting up this place so that the kids can also sleep their to give them that sense of adventure, and villas will soon be built so that families and friends of a large group can also stay there.

Swimming Pool Rules:

  • Present the ticket to the lifeguard at the Pool.
  • Make sure to take a shower before swimming and to leave your footwear outside of the pool area.
  • No standing or diving on the pools edge to avoid accidents or falling off.
  • Inhale, Exhale, Experience and take in the view of Silay City and even Victorias from the pool at Ilaya.