Romblon, Philippines : Why you should add this place to your Bucketlist

Romblon, Philippines : Why you should add this place to your Bucketlist

Okay so first and foremost, before we dive into the wonders of this hidden gem, let’s get to know Romblon–  Romblon consists of 20 different islands in its province. We have Carabao Island, Romblon Island (which people call Romblon, Romblon)  and Tablas for this guide; although there are still so many more -such as Sibuyan, Isabel, Cobrador and Banton that are equally as beautiful, I can’t wait to guide you in how to explore this island like we did!


Why Romblon?


Well if you are looking for natural untouched islands with glistening waters and milky way filled night skies, burning sunsets, unpaved roads lined with palm trees and an adventure of a lifetime, you’ll definitely love what Romblon has to offer. I came here without any expectations at all, but as an adventurer, I could confidently say that going around the islands of Romblon has quenched my thirst for the unknown and for the wild.

Speaking of wild though, I could not recommend this place for families who are looking for leisure and relaxation since the best spots still need to be accessed via motorbikes and the road is still quite rough. If you plan to stay in a resort though, and not leave there, then that is fine.

But for this travel guide, I’ll be showing you how amazing the beaches, photogenic spots and and the destinations are here in Romblon, How to get there, Where to Stay, and I’ll be sharing some money saving tips as well as some Precautions.

How to get there


To get to Romblon you can take the following routes:


From Manila, Philippines– You can take the bus going to Batangas, then ride the ferry to Romblon. They can take you to several islands so you can just choose from these daily trips (Odiongan, Romblon, San Agustin, and Sibuyan).

Boracay Route– This is what we took. We first headed to Boracay (before it closed) and then we rode one of the boats to Carabao Island. From Carabao Island we then took another boat going to Romblon Island, and then to Tablas. From Tablas, we headed straight back to Caticlan which was another boat ride that lasted about 2-3 hours.

Mindoro Route-  you can reach Odiongan via motorboat if you depart from Roxas, Mindoro. Travel time is 2 hours. From Odiongan, you can then ride another boat if you want to go to Romblon, Romblon or to Tablas.


Day 1



For our first day, we didn’t have any concrete plans and so we decided to stay overnight in Boracay because we wanted to rest since we already came from an 8 hour road trip from Bacolod. We will start the guide with a first day in spent in Boracay so as travelling won’t be so tiring. 🙂

Here is the Proposed Itinerary for the day:


8:30 AM – Arrive in Boracay

Check in at:

10:00 AM –  Chill by the beach

12:00 NN – Brunch

2:00 PM – Explore Puka Beach

4:00 PM – Afternoon snacks – we paid 200 Php/ 4 USD for a fruit shake and a little cabana by the beach.

6:00 PM – Sunset Session at Station 1

7:30 PM – Dinner

9:30 PM – Sleep



Boat fare options to Iloilo

• Fastcraft – 250 php

• Roro – 100 php

Terminal Fee: 30 php

Taxi to Tagbak Terminal: 163 php

Bus to Caticlan: 387 php

Environmental Fee: 100 php

Caticlan Jetty Port to Boracay Island: 25 php (pumpboat)

Trike to Stations: 20 php

Brunch: 150 php

Accommodation (Red Coco Apartelle): 400 each

Trike or Habal-habal to Puka Beach

• Trike – 20 each

• Habal-habal – 50 each

Afetrnoon snacks: 200 php

Dinner: 150 each


Total Expense= 1,995 php



Day 2

 Carabao Island

Romblon-Travel-Guide-tialacson• Carabao Island is called the “Twin Sister” of Boracay Island. Usually known as Hambil for the locals. It is only an hour away from Boracay Island/Caticlan. Aside from Boracay that gives you the party famed island, Carabao Island offers a very relaxing place and an entirely contrasting ambiance. It will simply give you the sun, sand and sea but this island will always stay in your mind for one of the most tropical paradise you will ever visit by just watching the sunset and listening to the sound of the waves. These are the simple pleasures of the island that will give you a memorable experience!

The Places we visited were San Jose Palm Beach, Koding Koding Cave for cliff jumping and Swimming, as well as Cathedral Cave.Romblon-Travel-Guide-tialacson


Cathedral Cave

This cave is safe for novice divers. At the back of the cave contains a lot of Whitetip Reef Sharks. There’s also a chance you’ll see some pelagic species. This was one of the places we enjoyed so much  since you could do so many things in one place. You could just lay at the raft in the middle of the sea, sun bathe, go spelunking, or even go cliff diving. I highly suggest visiting here!

This was one of the places we enjoyed so much  since you could do so many things in one place. You could just lay at the raft in the middle of the sea, sun bathe, go spelunking, or even go cliff diving. I highly suggest visiting here!

Romblon-Travel-Guide-tialacsonRomblon-Travel-Guide-tialacsonKoding-Koding Cave

Funny story about this cave is if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen some behind the scenes stories from this cave. We wanted to take a good picture so bad, that we went back in the water under the cave even after we found a sea snake swimming! We were so scared but had a good time before the whole snake incident. Haha! I didn’t want to leave this part out as a warning but it’s totally up to you if you dare to swim here too!

You can dive and jump into the sea, chill out on a bamboo raft or sit in one of the cottages with the overlooking of the beautiful sea.

You can rent a life jacket for just 25 pesos.

The entrance fee is 100 pesos and they are only from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM


San Jose Beach


Here is the Proposed Itinerary for the day:

From Caticlan

6:00 AM – Breakfast

7:00 AM- Take the boat going to Carabao Island

8:45 AM – Arrive at the port and head to Cathedral Cave for cliffjumping and spelunking

11:00 AM – Out for lunch and Check in at Hotel

2:00 PM – Go caving and cliff jumping at Koding Koding Cave

5:oo PM – Beach Bumming/Sunset at San Jose Beach

5:30 PM – Sunset watching

7:00 PM- Dinner time and Chill



Boat to Carabao Island: 80 each

Accommodation (Carabao Backpackers & Guesthouse) – Php 350/pax (Dorm Room)

Entrance at Koding Koding: 100 php

Breakfast: 60 php

Lunch: 100 php

Dinner: 100 php


Total Expense= 1,100 php

Day 3

Romblon, Romblon

BonBon Beach




One of the most breathtaking beaches I’ve been to my whole life and probably the most insane sunset was in here. I wanted to cry when I saw the colors of the water, the reflection, and the sky altogether. Which is why if ever you decide to visit this place, please make sure to take care and help keep this place as beautiful and as natural as it is. Take nothing but memories, and leave nothing but footprints they say.


Tiamban BeachRomblon-Travel-Guide-tialacson


Here is the Proposed Itinerary for the day:

8:00 AM – Travel to Romblon, Romblon from Carabao Island

10:00 AM – Arrive at Port

10:30 AM – Fix and Check in/ drop off stuff at Hotel

11:00 AM – Ride a trike to Tiamban Beach

12:00 NN – Lunch and Chill at Tiamban

3:00 PM – Snacks and Swimming Time

4:00 PM – Happy Hour Drinks

5:00 PM – Sunset Watching at Bonbon beach

7:30 PM – Dinner



Boat fee to Bonbon: 100 php

Accommodation (Carabao Backpackers & Guesthouse): 350/pax (Dorm Room)

Bonbon Beach to Tiamban Beach: 100 php

Tiamban Beach (Entrance Fee): 40 php

Tiamban Beach Cottage: 150 php

Lunch: 100 php

Snacks: 60 php

Dinner: 100 php

Drinks: 150 php


Total expense= 1,150 php




Day 4

Tablas Island


Aglicay Beach Resort 


• The Aglicay Beach Resort is one of the first resorts in Romblon. It is closest to the airport with majority of it’s clients being internationals. The shoreline features almost a half-kilometer stretch of white sand. Aglicay’s charm is diferent, because in Aglicay, the owner owns the whole cove, so guests can experience a sense of privacy. The sand in Aglicay is on the yellowish side but is much finer.

Looc Fish Sanctuary


• The Looc Bay Marine Sanctuary is a protected marine sanctuary in the middle of Looc Bay. It is host to more than a hundred different marine species including different fishes, corals, clams, lobsters, and turtles.

Poblacion, Looc, Romblon, 5507 Looc, Romblon, Philippines
Facebook: LoocFishSanctuary
Mobile: +63935 590 2204
Mon-Sun: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Snorkeling gear – 50 pesos

• The Primo Cafe, a fast casual cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and coffee. The menu consists of Filipino, Italian, and International dishes. Just 15mins away from the resort. They serve breakfast, lunch, and coffee. It consists Filipino, Italian and other international dishes.

Here is the Proposed Itinerary for the day:

7:30 AM – Wake up call

8:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00 AM – Ride a trike to Aglicay

12:00 NN – Check in at Aglicay Beach Resort+ Swim

12:15 NN – Lunch at Primo Cafe

1:30 PM – Looc Fish Sanctuary

5:00 PM – Sunset Watching+ Hike to the Hill at Aglicay Beach Resort

7:30 PM – Dinner



Breakfast: 60 php

Trike to Aglicay: 267 each

Lunch at Primo: 150 php

Accommodation: 1800/night// (Assuming this budget is good for 3, so 600 per pax)

Boat to Looc: 150 php (back and forth)

Looc Fish Sanctuary (Entrance fee): 150

Snacks: 100 php

Dinner: 120 


Total Expense= 1,537 php


Day 5

For our last day, we already spent it travelling back to Caticlan but before lunch, we wanted to go to the beach behind the resort where the rocks were since it was secluded and was so beautiful for pictures. So we headed there in the morning right after breakfast. It was only a 20 minute walk so it was not too tiring. We saw this beach from the day before where we hiked up the hill during the sunset.

Romblon-Travel-Guide-tialacson Romblon-Travel-Guide-tialacson

Isn’t it just breathtaking?

Here is the Proposed Itinerary for the day:

7:30 AM – Wake up call

8:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00 AM – Trek to the Hidden Beach behind Aglicay Resort

10:00 AM- Swim and Chill

12:00 NN – Check out at Aglicay Beach Resort

1:00PM-  Head to The Port in Looc to directly be dropped off at the Caticlan Port




Where to Stay


For affordable places to stay, I can suggest you:

Carabao Backpackers & Guesthouse – Php 350/pax (Dorm Room)

The Beach House – Php 2,500

Or you can ask around the locals, they are very helpful.


Romblon, as the capital town of the province of Romblon has affordable and budget-friendly hotels and pension houses. If you want to explore the town is the best place to stay!

You’ll love the place. It will fit for business travels or during leisure times. You can check out these places to stay:

Parc Bay Mansion– +639215757760


Aglicay Beach Resort
Barangay Comod-om, Alcantara
Facebook: AglicayBeachResort
Twitter: @aglicay
Mobile: 09175314067, 09154256898

Aglicay Beach Entrance: P100/person

Room Rates in Aglicay: P1200-P1600




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