I’ve read all about the magic of Siargao in a couple of articles online and got so curious about why people instantly fell in love with the place, which is why  my friends and I finally decided to go and visit the island for once. True enough, this place had me smiling from ear to ear even as we were just about to land.

Short warning: you might fall in love with the place as soon as you finish reading this!

So where is this paradise located you ask?

Siargao is located at the northeastern tip of Mindanao, just 800 kilometers southeast of Manila, and is a part of Surigao del Norte province. We, along with most travelers prefer to stay in the General Luna area since that is where most of the resorts, restaurants, and surf spots are.

Siargao has so many natural resources and attractions…

You know those Jurassic-Park-Amazon-and tropical-rainforest-vibes where you really won’t see any buildings and smoke belching out of some factory? No cars honking and no bare mountains? It was lush greens from end to end. I knew I was going to have the week of my life. And if you get the chance to explore it more, you’ll see that they also have, amazing white sand beaches, caves, magical lagoons,waterfalls, exotic wildlife, sandbars, rich rice fields and more…

Tia Lacson in Guyam Island wearing by primrose swimsuit This is the perfect place to go to if  surfing,unwinding, relaxing at the beach and going back in time,is on your bucketlist.

Where to stay in Siargao?

There are so many different ranges and options for your accommodation here. From 5-star resorts,to affordable hotels, upto hostels, the island caters to all kinds of travellers.

We stayed in Kalinaw resort, and I had zero qualms. They serve exclusivity at its finest. With only four villas, you would’t have to worry about too many people, and you get to enjoy all the view, amazing amenities, peace, and undistracted staff service at a maximum.This was our home for a few days…

siargao tia lacson in kalinaw resort wearing pull & bear

Right in front of the villa, is this cottage where you can chill and enjoy a panoramic sunset show.

Tia Lacson Siargao Kalinaw resort ootd

This is their amazing lobby and also where the breakfast area is. It’s voted as one of the top restaurants in Siargao so we didn’t have to search far for great food.

Tia Lacson in Siargao wearing mango and annie&lori

Breakfast was a delight and I looked forward to waking up because of this…

Tia Lacson Breakfast in Kalinaw resort SiargaoScreen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.43.30 PM

 Right outside our room was this lounge area. It was my favorite spot to drink coffee and take naps.  Then as soon as you walk down the wooden pathway, to your left is their swimming pool and mini bar area overlooking the sea.

Tia Lacson in Kalinaw resort siargaoKalinaw Pool Tia Lacson Blog

[Image above c/o]

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 11.43.54 PM

If you love this place but can’t book a room here, I would recommend these babies right here:

Siargao Bleu Resort

Isla Cabana

Kermit Surf and Dive Ecocamp

Dedon Island Resort

book them here.
If you prefer to stay in hostels, click this link-->  Hostels in Siargao



Things to do and Places I recommend to visit:


1.Guyam Island

This uninhabited island has little rock pools and reflective waters. A vast stretch of white sand and palm-tree ceilings. Something you should not miss. Tia Lacson in Guyam Island Siargaosia1Tia Lacson in Siargao wearing byprimrose Guyam Island

Wearing @byprimrose one piece

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.50.35 AM

Photo by @ashleyyeee_

2.) Naked Island

The clearest waters await you here (no naked people, in case you were curious). It’s a 200 meter sandbar, hence the name ‘naked’ since there’s no cottages. Just you, the sand,sea and sun.

tia lacson in naked island siargao wearing trianglTia Lacson in Naked Island Siargao wearing byprimrose bikini

3.) Daku Island

Where we had our lunch, another stunning place. There is are small fishing commuity of about 300 in this island, and you can order your lunch and snacks here. In our case, Kalinaw organized everything for us so we had our own lunch set complete with our own personal butler (hey,hey).

Tia lacson in Daku Island Siargao

Tia Lacson Daku Island Postcard Siargao

4.) Magpupungko Rock Pools

Surrounded with rock formations is a natural pool that separates itself from the ocean by a large reef. During the low tide, you can walk on the road-like rock formations, and even jump of from one of the higher rocks. The waters are calm, blue,green, and just plain awesome.

Tia Lacson Magpupungko rock pools Tia Lacson Magpupungko rock pools siargao

c/o @ashleyyeee_Tia Lacson Magpupungko rock pools siargao wearing byprimrose bikini

5.) Bucas Grande Islands

I didn’t get the chance to visit this part of Siargao, but luckily my friends were able to! Ashley, Mark and Albert from JointheJourneyPh got the chance to explore this place and encounterd stingless jellyfish,rowed into coves and lagoons,and free-dove here. Read more about Bucas Grande here.

Bucas Grande Tia Lacson tia lacson siargao bucas grande drone shot

photos taken from

6.) Surfing at Cloud 9

I’m a beginner at surfing but I defnitely had a blast here. We got our trainors from ‘Very Good Nice’ just across the boardwalk and they were the best (and funniest). Being tagged the surf capital of the Philippines, you get nothing but good vibes and an increasing love for the island. I wanted to go back everyday and surf in the morning. It was such a good exercise since my back and abdomen hurt the next day! That’s how you know though– that you did a little muscle work (and probably burn all the carbs from the previous days). It’s a little rocky, so be careful when you fall. But what’s a little risk compared to tons of fun?

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.51.13 AM Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.51.30 AM

c/o @ashleyyeee_

7.)Rent a bike and go exploring

My favorite part about the vacation and one of the main reasons why I fell in love with Siargao. We only saw one car here during our stay so a motorbike is top of the list. I loved getting lost in the island and just stopping over at cafe’s and restaurants to eat and chill.

Tia Lacson Rent a bike in Siargao


8.) Eat and Cafe hop!

I loved discovering all the places to eat and have coffee. I highly recommend trying these places–

barbeque at Mama’s Grill,

the halo halo at Harana Cafe

the pizza and pasta at Kermit Surf and Dive Ecocamp

Everything at Kalinaw Resort Restaurant

and La Isla Siargao Bar and Grill

la-isla-siargao-bar-grill-tia-lacsontia lacson siargao restaurant reccomendations

photo by