TOURING KOH PHI PHI : and reasons why you’ll want to keep coming back

TOURING KOH PHI PHI : and reasons why you’ll want to keep coming back

I always find myself coming back to this island. Koh Phi Phi has set a special place in my heart for so many reasons, and if you ask me to go there again, I’d give you a definite YES. So what special charm does this island hold over me, you ask? Let me tell you all the reasons why, and finally some touring tips like where to stay, budgets, and how to get around, for when you finally decide to do the right thing and book that ticket here! HAHA

So here are some of my favorite things about this place:

01| Mother nature has gone all-out here.

Towering limestone cliffs, cerulean waters, an array of palm trees, and white sand beaches? Take me, NOW! Satisfy your craving for an all-natural detox with Phi Phi-Islands abundant resources and jaw-dropping views.tialacson-kohphiphi-touring-reasons-to-come-back

02| Quirky corners and food stalls are LIFE. tialacson-kohphiphi-touring-reasons-to-come-back

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When you stay just around Tonsai Pier, you’ll find so many shops and restaurants at Tonsai village that will satisfy whatever you are craving for. I for one had the best avo toast at UNNI’s cafe, and the best Muesli Bowl and Coffee at PhiPhi Bakery  a must-try when you get there. They have fruit shakes, bakeries, vegan food, seafood, and lots and lots of souvenir shops. I even went shopping for billabong and bikinis here, so it’s like a mini Boracay (see my blog about Boracay here), but think of it as a bohemian paradise. My friend Cheyser, who I went here with as my #Destination_Duo,   is an all-out boho babe who was so happy to be walking around here since everything about this place spoke about her style, Vibrant and Fun!

03| Views of a lifetime.



Whether you’re lying on the beach and working on that tan, savoring the sunset, or hiking to the top of the Phi Phi Viewpoint, you’ll always be pleased with what you see here. It’s like walking in a wallpaper, except it’s come to life!

04| Maya Bay and Koh Phi Phi Ley.


Need I say more? An array of colorful long-tailed boats surround you adding so much character and culture to the island plus * Cue in All Saints’ Pure Shores from Leonardio di Caprio’s the Beach Soundtrack* and you have Maya Bay. For those of you aren’t so familiar, this is where they actually shot The Beach! How awesome would that be? If you got the Maya Bay tour, I’m sure the boatman will also take you to Pileh Lagoon right after. Pileh Lagoon is less crowded and is more enclosed compared to Maya Bay. You can go snorkeling at both, so this is just an experience that you wouldn’t want to pass up.

05|  All Out Vacation Vibes.



Have you ever heard someone say that you have to come and experience it for you to really understand? Well this is exactly what I meant about Phi Phi. I keep coming back (maybe its the people, maybe its the views, maybe its the food, or maybe how it makes you feel) …just because.

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          5a| Parties and Booze Cruises 

Night-time definitely isn’t boring here. They have sunset sailing sessions and overnight boat tours and booze cruises just like Captain Bob’s showed above. It’s a great way to travel both when you want to make new friends and if you are with your friends. To book one, you can do so online, or you can always do so while you’re there since they are almost everywhere. You can also choose to party by the shore at Slinky’s bar, the Reggae Bar and many more.

Sounds like an amazing time doesn’t it? 

So How do I Get to Phi Phi?

Yes, I hear ya! 😉 Koh Phi Phi is only accessible by boat (There are ferrys and speedboats that will take you there). You can either fly to Krabi or Phuket International Airport and book a boat tour via Ferry Samui and there are daily trips that will take you there. It takes around 2 Hours by ferry and you can also purchase tickets on the Pier (Rassada Port) or in your hostel/hotel. There are no taxis or tuktuks when you get to the island, so walking around is the only option. It’s small enough so try (but I doubt it) to get lost if you can.

Where to stay?

I was so excited when #Destination_Duo got invited to stay at Holiday Inn Resorts Phi Phi,  which is a 4-Star Resort with 3 Restaurants and A Bar, 2 Swimming Pools, A Gym and a Spa. Here, you’ll find first-class amenities that allows you to enjoy Koh Phi Phi in terms of really getting some Rest and Relaxation, while enjoying their clear blue waters and white sand beaches. It’s away from all the ruckus at Tonsai Village,which is another 30 minute boat ride from the pier– but perfect for a family or romantic getaway.



Holiday Inn Phi Phi

As soon as we arrived, refreshing drinks awaited us along with our Beachfront bungalow (that also had the sweetest Welcome sign decorated on our bed). It was so idyllic that all the stress from travelling simply went away when I found out that I could just run straight to the beach whenever I wanted to. After settling in, we immediately enjoyed kayaking and lounging at the beach.


Oh, and did I mention that their sunsets here are simply to die for? It was one of the best pool views I’ve seen. I’d definitely come back here and bring my family along, just so we could relax here and witness this magical sunset once more.

Holiday Inn’s Sunset Pool

Holiday Inn Phi Phi is available for 4000-16000 THB per room depending on the types of rooms you get. If you want to check out other types of accommodation, you can find them here.

We were given a complimentary overnight stay here at Holiday Inn but all opinions expressed are solely my own.

How much do I spend?


Here’s my list of expenses for 3 days and 2 nights there (in THB):

Day 1

200- Van going to Pier

600 Baht – Ferry Phuket to Phi Phi

20 Baht – Phi Phi island entrance

Day 2

200- Ferry to Tonsai

250- Lunch at Unni’s Restaurant

30 – hiked to Phi Phi Viewpoint (entrance fee)

100- Dinner at PP Arcade

800- shopping ( bags and hats)

Day 3

675 each- Maya bay tour (for 2 people)

300- entrance Maya Bay

200- Breakfast at Phi Phi Bakery

300- Fare from Phi Phi to Krabi

Total of 3,675 Baht ( and that already includes tours, shopping and eating good food!)

When Should I go?

Dry and High Season is From November- February and is the most ideal (sunny) yet also more expensive since tourists flock here during these times.

You can save more money if you go from May- October but be prepared for rain here and there. tialacson-kohphiphi-touring-reasons-to-come-back

Planning to Go to Phi Phi?



I tell you,if you finally travel to Phuket and Koh Phi Phi Islands you may find yourself coming back just like me! I’m more than excited for you! If you have any other questions or want to leave some tips for the other readers, kindly leave them in the comments.

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