Ultimate Guide to Ocean Park Halloween Time 2018

Ultimate Guide to Ocean Park Halloween Time 2018

Tia-Lacson-Ultimate-Guide-to-Ocean-Park-Halloween-Time-2018Aside from being rich in culture and its creative architecture, Hong Kong is also known for its theme parks and one I personally love going to is Ocean Park. Imagine being there at your favorite time of the year! I love seeing everyone dress up on Halloween so I was even more excited when I knew that I could experience Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest starting October 5! They teamed up with Sanrio and it was the perfect balance to the really scary rides and attractions; The whole family can actually enjoy!



Ocean Park Hong Kong is a unique home-grown theme park that brings joy and fond memories to visiting guests. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organization, the park has developed and established itself as a world class attraction connecting people with nature, and it has gained consistent recognition for its animal husbandry, conservation and research efforts as well as its relationship with the community. It has been visited by more than 140 Million people and the park remains committed to offering amazing experiences while combining entertainment with education and conservation.


How to get there:  Take the MTR to arrive at Ocean Park’s main entrance.  It only takes a few minutes from Admiralty Station to the Ocean park Station.




Parking Fee: 150 HKD on off-peak days and 250HKD on peak days for which 100 HKD will be donated to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation for their conservation purposes.


Tia-Lacson-Ultimate-Guide-to-Ocean-Park-Halloween-Time-2018The Fest runs from October 5-31 and offers 11 attractions with 13 experiences plus 9 shows all throughout.Aside from that, the park is filled with Halloween decors and they also serve a Halloween themed menu which you will surely have fun with!

Opening Hours: 10 am- 11 pm (Some Halloween Fest Attractions will open at 11am, 1pm, 5pm or 5:30 pm)

Ocean Park Daytime ticket: Adult HK $ 480 and $240 HKD – Guests who buy an Ocean Park ticket can upgrade to a Halloween Fest premium ticket by paying an additional fee of $380 HKD for adults and $190 HKD for children on the day of their visit at the park entrance ticketing office or at the designated souvenir shops.

The Sanrio Characters Hello-Ween Party 



It is the largest scale Hello-ween Party in Hongkong and they have three family friendly attractions: the Sanrio Hello-ween Party, the Trick or Treat Trail and the Meet and Greet!




  1. X-Dimension- which is the first interactive multimedia horror installation presented by Yahoo! Hongkong, Warp into a hyper-reality cyberspace conjured by a mad professor! Meet the malevolent AI via stunning 360° projections—it’s hell-bent on destroying humankind, and only you can stop it! Take it down and escape from the grid before you’re blasted to pixels!
  2. Devil Seeker’s Tale- presented by Vivo which is an interactive gaming attraction equipped with modern Augmented Reality Technology
  3. Halloween Mine Train- presented by Samsung Gear VR with Virtual Reality content, Get on the first-ever interactive roller coaster in Hong Kong! Once you strap on your VR headset, the Mine Train takes you back to a time of nightmares! The mighty Ghost of the Circus Director is luring restless souls throughout the city!
  4. Hospital of Horrors- presented by MoneySQ.com with interactive technology was probably one of the scariest haunted houses I have ever been, you just have to experience it yourself for you to know how scary it was! haha
  5. Circus of The Damned– When the sun goes down, the circus stage turns into a creepy sacrificial altar! Freaks and ghouls that thirst for your flesh emerge, seeking to tempt the unwary!
  6.  VR Morgue-Experience the multi-sensory horror approaching you from all sides! With your VR headset, you will journey deeper and deeper into the diabolical morgue. Definitely one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had.
  7.  Scarecrow’s Harvest-An idyllic pumpkin farm and its adjoining cottage have been overrun with forces from the underworld. Now, the pumpkins and scarecrows hunt any who visit! Discover what diabolical spirits lurk among the vines—and you might just escape to tell the tale!
  8.  Infernal Spiral– In the 18 Levels of Hell, all kind of ghosts appear! From a boiling pool of blood, tongue-puller and hill of knives, all manner of macabre sights await! Withstand the trials of the afterlife and escape the new Queen of Hell! Her demons are ordered to capture any of the living on sight!


I personally give kudos to the Ocean Park Hong Kong Team for this really creative and delicious sets of food since each dish was carefully crafted and served to us and it was such a joy to be eating something unique and tasteful at the same time! I especially loved their Mini Beef Patty  bento box and their RIP butter cookie parfait dessert the most! We ate at Club Panda, Tuxedos Restaurant and at Cafe Ocean so we tried almost everything they served! I loved dining in Cafe Ocean where you could see the sharks swimming about, such a magical moment. I also enjoyed the burgers at Cafe Panda which was served with the RIP dessert since we had a view of the playful penguins while eating!




One of the most amazing experiences we’ve had was getting close to the dolphins and seeing these playful penguins and artic foxes during the day. Being able to get close to them, especially with our dolphin encounter has really just made me more steadfast in my own little way to care for the earth and our environment.  This points us to helping the animals not confuse plastic with their food, so we should always try our best to be better and refuse single use plastic since it is disposed in the ocean. Being a traveller, we should also be aware to leave no trace when visiting a place, most especially the seaside.





CABLE CAR– one of Ocean Parks most iconic facilities,  the 252 Cable Cars transport upto 3600 guests per hour to and from the waterfront and the summit. Located around 205 meters above the South China Sea, it is an 8 minute ride that is accompanied by unhindered views of the sea, sky, the park and its surrounding hills. Definitely a great experience to have while touring around the park.

OCEAN EXPRESS– The Ocean express meanwhile can take 5000 people back and forth from the waterfront and the summit. It can take you to the sites in just 3 minutes.


How to Get tickets to Ocean Park :

You can get tickets by at the park entrance, from their website or alternatively you can get your  tickets from Klook and enjoy instant confirmation privileges and best price guarantee!

1 Day Admission (Valid from Jul-Dec) for 2,712 Php 

Package Details

  • Available for non-Hong Kong residents only
  • Available from 1 Jul 2018 to 31 Dec 2018

Inclusive Of:

  • 1 Day E-Ticket
  • Thrilling rides, animal encounters, quirky and informative attractions, and a cable car trip with breathtaking views. All’s set for a day of fun!


To maximize your stay at the park, you may opt for an Ocean Fast Track Ticket that includes:


  • 1 Day E-Ticket
  • 7 Fastrack uses

Valid Rides for Fastrack

  • Cable Car Waterfront Station (one way)
  • Cable Car Station Summit Station (one way)
  • Ocean Express Waterfront Station (one way)
  • Ocean Express Summit Station (one way)
  • Grand Aquarium
  • South Pole Spectacular
  • The Rapids
  • Shark Mystique
  • Arctic Blast
  • Hair Raiser
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Raging River
  • The Dragon


or you can also avail of their Halloween Sanrio Theme Admission which already includes a set meal here.




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