When a stunning 5-star Resort invites you to stay with them in Phuket, you pack your bags and you go. I didn’t even think twice and I remember jumping up and down and telling my mom and dad about it. They didn’t really know what I was doing at first with all this blogging that I was getting myself into– and finally when I explained to them that I get to do awesome things like these, they were also surprised, and  then amazed and then they started to feel excited for me too. I was really planning to go to thailand anyway to meet up with a friend from Instagram and to travel around after on my own, and basically just get away and explore, so everything just seemed to fall together perfectly and I had no reason to not go.

So for the first few days of my stay in Thailand, I stayed in Thavorn Hotels and had the time of my life there.

At first, I stayed in Thavorn Beach Village Resort and Spa in Kamala, which I wrote about in my previous blog post. Now, I will be telling you all about their other property, which is Thavorn Palm Beach Resort, and this one is located in Karon Beach just 20 minutes away from their other hotel.



“Where Tradition Meets Nature”


Thavorn Palm Beach is located at a prime beach location; just cross the road, and you will find yourself in Karon Beach– the most beautiful white sand beach with the bluest waters. If ever worry about crossing the road since cars are driving by all the time, hotel staff will be there to assist you.  If you can see from the painting above, it’s a long stretch of  property located just beside the beach,and it has 5 different themed and shaped swimming pools, surrounded by lush tropical gardens, local bars, restaurants and amenities, and of course, suites for the guests.





I remember giving that nod of approval as soon as I stepped out of the car and entered the lobby. I’m one of those people whose just a little bit hard to impress when it came to resorts, and clothes, and food (you can include guys too) but as soon as I saw the white grandiose lobby and my name on the welcome board, (with an extra c) I knew I already liked the resort. I was greeted by very friendly and welcoming staff from Thavorn and was served with a delightful welcome drink that I finished right away, (whoops).



“This is your room,Welcome to your own piece of paradise.” They said as I entered. If you follow me on snapchat, you might have seen that video since I posted it, and they were right because, keep on scrolling…


Their bedroom area, which was very reminiscent of home ensured you’d feel comfortable right away after you checked in. The linens and pillows were soft and smelled great and those are the top two things I look for because a good night’s sleep was essential and bloggers like me work on my bed most of the time. Their wifi was also fast and it was terrific.





I always have tons of make up, perfumes, accessories and what nots with me when I travel, so this little area of vanity was just perfect for me since I had a lot of space to put and organize my stuff when I get ready. The bathroom was very pleasant, and unique since it was glass separating it from the bedroom, I guess for when you’re watching TV and you wanna shower? Or maybe when you’re with your boyfriend and you want to be cheeky? But since I was alone, I had the complete freedom to not put the curtains on the glass, because total freedom that’s why.



Coffee talk

– was a very hip coffee and tea place where you can play a bunch of games like jenga, and eat your favorite gelato while looking at the beach right next to you. They also serve cake and breakfast here. Its located right beside Ciao Bistro where I made pizza with my Thavorn Pizza Crew (yes we already formed a group) and where I enjoyed eating the best italian food for dinner–you can’t stay here and not try their pizza and pasta because it is the bomb.






Old Siam Restaurant

– served authentic thai food, and it’s great since foreign guests would want that because when you’re on a vacation, you’d want to experience the thai cuisine. You can either dine outside and savor the panoramic view of the ocean or inside and sit on the “kantok” style floor cushions. I suggest getting the Tom Yam Goong / The classic Traditional Thai spicy prawn soup, enhanced with herbs and freshly squeezed lime juice– I ate this around 4 times and I still want some now as I’m writing this.




The Chaba Pool Bar

– was my favorite place in the entire resort. I obviously got my signature fresh coconut juice there while swimming and I could not ask for more. If you want more though, they also serve softdrinks and cocktails and beer here and you can enjoy them while sitting at the submerged stools on the swim up bar.





Mariachi Mexican Restaurant

is the cutest restaurant ever. It’s so colorful and so quirky that I took so many pictures there. Here, they serve mexican food while you enjoy live music from their 3 piece band.



Old Buffalo Tea House

– is a quaint little spot located in the middle of the resorts orchid gardens where you can unwind while drinking tea, coffee,cakes and the Phuketian “Tao Sor” Piah dessert. I felt like alice although not quite as lost as her when I entered the Orchid Gardens. I immediately thought of my mom and how she’d love this place. I then switched right back to the thought of Alice again, how she’d  have tea with the Mad Hatter here, or spot a caterpillar with a tobacco, or a bunny hopping along and screaming, “I’m late! I’m late!”






So what do you do when a 5-star resort invites you over to Phuket? I went and it was by far one of the best decisions I made. You know what else I made that week? I made memories that I will always fondly remember but most of all, I made friends during my stay here, and I will never forget the people I met.

Thank you once again to Thavorn Hotels, for making me stay here as a guest. All opinions stated here are my own and there was no requirement to write a favorable review.

Book a Room at : www.thavornpalmbeach.com
Instragram : @thavornpalm

[Some Photos were taken from Thavorn Hotels Official Website]


P.S. I actually met a bunny. And I fed him. He wasn’t late for anything though. If you like the bunny (or this article)kindly share this post 😉