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Checking in from Bali

July 16, 2017

Bali — Aahh, one of my favorite places here on earth. Typing this refreshed, relaxed and contented after spending a week there, just enjoying beautiful Bali and all it has to offer.

After a connecting flight from Bacolod to Manila, meeting up with my friend Patricia for a quick dinner, then heading to NAIA 3 to board my 4am flight to Ngurah Rai International Airport, I then arrive in Bali, with Putu (my trusted Balinese driver) waiting for me as I open the windows in his car to keep my eyes from falling asleep.

Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook Ph

I show him the map of Grandma’s Plus Legian, and after 20 minutes, we finally arrive to the location where I was welcomed with a leafy pergola that led to the lobby and the reception area. I was so happy to see that just beside my hotel was a bar, restaurants, souvenir shops, a convenient store and later on learned that it was also just a short walk to the beach and the night life area. It’s as if my lack of sleep suddenly disappeared with the knowledge that I could do so many things and visit so many places nearby.

My first two days were spent going around Ubud and Island hopping, so staying here was so convenient for me. I hired Putu (FB: Verda Praha) to drive me around all day and I suggest that’s how you should go around too. Instead of paying 80,000-100,000 IDR per drop-off, I only paid 500,000 for the whole day, and was able to visit 3 or four famous tourist spots already.


Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson


Also some great facts you might want to know about the hotel’s location–
10 minutes to Kuta Shopping Centre
15 minutes to Kuta Beach / 5 minutes walking distance
20 minutes to Airport
20 minutes to Seminyak
50 minutes to GWK Cultural Park
80 minutes to Ubud
All distances in minutes are measured when
travelling by car.

But you are also given a complimentary bike to ride around so going to the beach only takes a minute! Awesome or Super Awesome?

Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson

I stayed there for 4 days and still wanted to extend since everything I needed was just of walking distance. One of those nights I came home tired from a day of island hopping and just beside it was Rehat Spa, where I got a Traditional Balinese massage. To be surrounded with an atmosphere of relaxation, zen music, and scents of Frangipani was something that helped me get some rest and pampering for the next days activities. I highly recommend trying their massage here since the therapists are very well-trained and professional, plus the treatment is also very affordable.

(I was given a complimentary stay by Grandmas hotels, but all opinions stated here are my own.)

You can stay at this place for only 22 USD per night. Book them here.


Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook Ph

So speaking of my Island hopping experience, which was amazing btw, I went to Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan with Klook Ph for the day and I saved so much! Usually, going to Nusa Penida alone would cost me almost 100 USD, but I was able to go to three islands for 94 USD only! How amazing is that? Booking was also Hassle Free and I only needed to show my E-Voucher which meant that there was no printing needed. So convenient!
Book your 3 islands day tour here.

Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook Ph

We cruised through the three most prestigious islands in Bali, viewed 300 foot high coastal cliffs, Bat Rock, ‘Manta Point Gate’ and spotted graceful sea creatures including manta rays, whales and dolphins along the way – some might even get close to the boat to greet you. If you can’t get enough of the sea, then jump in at some of the best snorkelling locations and feed the fish while doing so.


Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook Ph

Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook Ph

Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook PhOur Itinerary was:

  • Pick up from hotel (timing confirmed by operator after booking)
  • 10:30am departure
  • 5:30pm end of activity and drop off to hotel

Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook Ph

Plus the tour included:

  • Air conditioned hotel transfers (limited area)
  • High speed ocean rafting
  • Visit to 3 islands – Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan
  • Visit to Private Beach Club
  • Lunch
  • Towel

So what are you waiting for? Save a lot on your travels by booking your Klook activites here.Checking in from Bali Tia Lacson Klook Ph

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