DSB: Day Trip Adventure for Coffee Lovers

DSB: Day Trip Adventure for Coffee Lovers

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The Top Two things I love in this world are Adventure and Coffee! Since beginning my journey of rediscovering my hometown, I found that I could combine both my love for travel and coffee into a one-day trip adventure for you guys to follow along. I’ve talked about DSB briefly in a previous post check it out: Side-Trips in Bacolod.

In this post, I just want to focus on my favorite places in DSB that never get old. I love coming back here whenever I can. But to those unfamiliar of this place let me share with you some history of the place.

So set your alarms. It’s time to take a day-trip to DSB!

A Brief History of Don Salvador Benedicto

Did you know Don Salvador Benedicto or DSB is known to be the Summer Capital of Negros Occidental? Residents and tourists alike flock to the cool mountainous area during the summer months because the climate is similar to that of Baguio.

The town is named after Vice Governor Salvador Benedicto, who is famous for partaking in the famous Revolutionary Government in World War II. It’s about an hour’s drive away from Bacolod City and 45 minutes if you’re using a private car. It is actually a consolidation of barangays from San Carlos, Calatrava, and Murcia.

Now known for its scenic views in cafes with great coffee, DSB is the perfect afternoon-getaway to have an adventure that’s close to home. The best thing about DSB is that you get to pick from a ton of different cafes that all have something unique to bring to the table!

Mountain View

8:00 AM – Breakfast at Mountain View Resort

First order of business, breakfast! While having your breakfast, enjoy a scenic view at Mountain View Resort, Bar and Restaurant. It’s located in Unnamed Rd Kilometer 46, Don Salvador Benedicto, Bacolod, Negros Occidental 6117 Philippines.

It takes about an hour from Bacolod City to get there and you get to enjoy a meal while taking in a full panoramic view of the surrounding mountain areas. Their food comes highly recommended as well.

Operating Hours: 8AM – 5PM

Contact Number: 0906 453 7212/ 09287544217

10AM – Cool Down at Lasang View

After a great breakfast, let’s head up higher. Second on the list, Lasang View! Located Lasang View, Purok Kulasi, Brgy. Kumaliskis, Salvador Benedicto 6129 Igmaya-an, Philippines.

If you haven’t had your dose of coffee yet, this would be a good time to have your first cup or second, no judgment. They serve native coffee at a really affordable price and you can even have meals there aside from snacks in their open-air restaurant.

Lasang features a rainbow bridge that overlooks the spectacular landscape. You can even pose for a photo on the wooden chair.

Operating Hours: 6AM – 6PM

Contact Number: 0951 396 4604

Terrazza Cafe

12NN – Lunch Break at Terraza Cafe

Third, on the list is Terraza Cafe for lunch! A newfound favorite, they’re located in Brgy. Kumaliskis Don Salvador Benedicto 6129 Murcia, Philippines. There’s an entrance fee of P50 but everything else is SO worth it.

We took a lot of pictures from different spots in their cafe. The food and the coffee are absolutely top-notch and as an added bonus you can get some posing tips from my Facebook post that I made soon after visiting them.

Operating Hours : 8AM – 6PM

Contact Number: 0919 275 7711

courtesy of Jomax Peak Facebook Page

3PM – Merienda at Jomax Peak

After the excitement of Terraza, up next is Jomax Peak! A combination of a viewing deck and a unique places to host events, Jomax Peak has camping grounds, a viewing deck, a pool, and even huts for campers who’d prefer it.

Take a break from eating and drinking coffee to enjoy the fantastic view of the mountains. Mid-afternoon to sunset would be the perfect time to head up here.

You can book an event or a time visit them, here and thanks to vismin.ph you get a more detailed break down of their amenities.

Operating Hours: 9AM-4PM

Contact Number: 0917 628 9889 / 0917 513 2897

courtesy of Kusinata Facebook Page

6PM – Dinner at Kusinata

The last place before you head back down to the city would be, Kusinata. Located in, Barangay Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, Philippines 6100 San Carlos City, Philippines. I just love their unique view and how the restaurant caters to the people of the region.

The restaurant is decorated in a way to relax the guests while it overlooks the mountain views . Chef-owned, the food at Kusinata is experimental but with a distinct Filipino-based take on some dishes, they accept walk-in customers but would prefer a reservation booked in advance.

Operating Hours: 8AM- 5PM

Contact Number: 0995 915 9229

Terazza Cafe

Other Sites to Visit in DSB

Vigattintourism made a detailed list of other sites to stop by when visiting DSB.

There you have it! A coffee adventure that you can do in a day! I do hope that you enjoyed this little day-trip with me. To all, you travelers out there, keep up the traveling spirit, and stay safe always!