How To Travel to Boracay in 2020

How To Travel to Boracay in 2020

I just got back from a brief trip to Boracay. My travel bug was itching like crazy and I just needed to get out and see the beach, swim in the water, and just get away from it all. We were lucky that our local quarantines have been eased for the past month or so and traveling domestically has been made easier. I wanted to share a step-by-step guide as to how I was able to head to Boracay and back.

Complete The Required Tests

The first and probably the most important step you need to do is you make sure to get tested. Originally, the test is to be taken at least 48 hours before your trip. Recently it is extended to 72 hours. This information is a great tip I gathered from ThePoorTraveler. I chose the Red Cross because of their speedy testing and results.

You can call your local Red Cross to book an appointment and have your test results out in at least 48 hours. The cost of the testing is about P4000. Here’s a link to accredited testing sites.

Fill Up A Health Form

  • Head to and choose BORACAY.
  • Fill up the health form, don’t leave anything blank.
  • Attach a copy of your Negative RT-PCR Test results (from accredited laboratories only), confirmed booking slip, flight details, vehicle plate number, and proof of identification and email it to
  • Once confirmed, you will receive a copy of your Health Declaration Form (HDC) which has a QR code on it. It should look something like this:
  • In times wherein time is of the essence, it has been a lifesaver for me to keep a copy of my documents on my phone. I also have a fear of losing my things. So what I do is I save a copy of my documents on my phone, and keep it in the ”favorites” section. This would make it more efficient for you to keep track of what else you might be needing. BUT note that it is still important that you keep a printed copy. This will serve as your passport to the island.
  • Make sure the subject title of your e-mail is this:
    • OHDC-FamilyName, FirstName
    • If you’re traveling with others, you can include their details in the e-mail as well
  • To refrain from your plans getting ruined, make sure to submit your documents at least 12 hours or more before your flight/travel. The Aklan government page is really helpful and provides a step by step guide on how to proceed.

Secure Your Accommodations

Hotels, like Discovery Shores Boracay are very helpful if you get lost with what to do.

I stayed at Astoria Current and they were great at helping me out with any questions about which comes first, from the booking up to the test.

Remember, it’s important that you stay or book with an accredited hotel. The Poor Traveler made an amazing list of hotels. Green checkmarks mean that they are accredited.

How Safe is Boracay?

When we were there, we were required to wear face masks and face shields at all times.

Before going to the beach, our temperatures were taken. Since only people who have tested negative are only allowed to stay in the island, then I’d say that as long as you keep yourself safe, observe proper social distancing, and accomplished the necessary tests to go through, you’re good to go!


If all of that was an eye-ful to read, I invite you to watch a recent vlog I have created about my trip and how I got there!