Boracay is always a breath of fresh air for me. Every time you crave a beach getaway and want to have almost everything you’re used to in the city– a bustling night life,good food, lots of water sports activities, Boracay is definitely the place to be. I’m usually not so big on going back to places I’ve been to before but there’s just something so fun about this island that always makes me say ‘yes’ every time.

I spent my first day exploring little nooks and crannies of the island while searching for souvenirs and hats, and the place was so lively and filled with color. After a banana boat ride and parasailing, I decided to take a dip in our hotel just before dinner and the day couldn’t be anymore perfect. We stayed in Astoria Boracay and I was so happy with how relaxing the place was that I would definitely stay here every time. I love how the rooms lead you directly to the pool and the whole place was just beautiful in a zen yet modern and sleek way.I wore this black jumpsuit from zalora which was perfect since  I pulled it down at times whenever I would just want to wear a bikini top during the day and I’d just pull the top part back up again when I felt the need to be covered. I also suggest wearing bikinis like these ones from triangl swimwear when you plan to ride the banana boat or go parasailing or watersport activities; anything too fancy with beads and those that could just easily fall off are quite inappropriate, well at least for me. I spent the late afternoons walking on by the shore and if there’s anything about this island that could take your breath away, it’s their magnificent glowing sunsets that instantly make you feel happy to be even there at that moment and witness it.





Get the look:

Bikini : Triangl

Jumpsuit: Zalora

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Hat: from the stalls in Boracay

Sunglasses: Rayban

Sandals: Aldo