Ola mi amores! How’s everyone holding up? Here’s something new– a bohemian inspired post wearing Fetish Couture and Flash Tattoos from Style Moi! Updating you guys from the terminal area as I’m waiting for my flight to board to Kuala Lumpur… can’t wait to tell everyone all about this trip (hope I get there first safely though) but first, let me share with you guys this mini-adventure we had with my gorgeous friend Fe, and our very talented and beautiful photographer Lois. It’s been a long time since I had a shoot with Lois and Fetish (click here to read article) so I was very excited for this one.So last week,we went to look for a nice river to explore and shoot these bohemian outfits and after a short walk, (can I call it a hike?) we finally found beautiful  (slippery)spots to take pictures. It started raining when we shot this so we had to wait for the rain to stop and we had to immediately run and take cover again as it started pouring. I tell you guys– we do a lot just to take good pictures, but absolutely no regrets because we want to make sure you enjoy seeing not only the clothes we shoot but also the art we put into this work. Working with Lois was a breeze because she really knows what she wants, and she just manages to make everything look heart-stopping and magical.Having my friend around there too made the shoot extra fun and that’s really important too; to love your work and to inspire others while doing it.

Now, about white dresses, which I am absolutely going gaga over, not only does it look pure and clean, but it also gives such drama when added to vibrant backgrounds. It’s also very minimalistic and elegant and you can absolutely just play with your accessories and their color schemes. Also it’s perfect because wearing dresses makes everyone just go “Hey you look so good today, I love that dress!” but honestly you were just lazy, and they’re so easy to wear and take off.

Anyway, that’s it for now, as I have to board the plane already… Will make sure to update you guys about my trip, but if you wanna know whats up just follow me on Snapchat and Instagram: (@tialacson)











Lois Campos Photography

(All Outfits by Fetish)

Flash Tattoos from Style Moi