There’s nothing I want more than to just simply pack my bags and get lost so that I could find myself right now. Sometimes you need to escape to find home… It may sound cliche and overly dramatic or what not, but I’m just so tempted and convinced that this is the time I should go and explore the world, and immerse myself in different cultures and meet lots of people,learn to fall in love with life, and with that, the hope of being able to love myself more. I have this bad habit of beating myself up or blaming myself when things go wrong, and honestly, I’ve been listening to the people around me and sometimes I think they’re right when they say that I shouldn’t– that things just happen because they’re meant to happen and there’s really no one to blame. But that doesn’t change the fact that I still want to go and just pack my bags and go for a really exciting adventure. I’m not so sure where though as of now, but hopefully after I finish studying and fixing a few things back home, I can leave and finally breathe and just escape. *cross your fingers for me!*

Moving on to the outfit,I  chose this one in particular, in the hopes of being able to shoot it in Boracay, but since I missed labor day (or Laboracay), I figured to just go to a nearby beach and actually  do a decent photo shoot rather than asking my friends if they could take my outfit picture! haha. I’ve been in love with white, and lace, and off-shoulder tops this summer, so as soon as I found this combo, I knew I just had to get it. I’ve been looking for the perfect off shoulder top and lace shorts the whole summer but I couldn’t really find nice ones until I saw this pair so I was just one happy kid. Nothing better to pair this outfit with but a gold and brown slip on sandals, and accessories. Since the clothes were already detailed, I went for dainty gold rings and necklaces and basically anything that wasn’t too overpowering.

Whenever I am back home in Bacolod, I’m blessed with the fact that I have Ashley to take photos for my blog, as we just have ideas that pop up into our minds and we just feel like we need to shoot them right away, and we get so excited planning for our next concept and making sure the outfits match the location. This one in particular was more of a “let’s look for a nearby beach and shoot this white floral outfit” kind of thing and I am just in love with the outcome, even though I itched to death as we came from rice paddies before this. What I didn’t know was that there were things from the plants that got stuck on my legs and as soon as salt water came into contact, I was scratching like crazy woman. I eventually calmed down since I washed myself with mineral water and the itch went away, thank goodness. I couldn’t help but stare at the lovely bluish and pink hues and the glaring sun while editing the pictures and realize how lucky we were to be able to capture the beauty of moments like these.













Photography by : Ashley Yee


Top and Shorts : Fetish

Rings and Necklace: Mango

(ZBAP0FT at checkout for discount)

Hat : Vintage

Slip-on Sandals : Grendha

Watch : Aldo

Lipstick : MAC (heroine)