Hello there again loves! Time flies so fast I barely noticed it’s already February! I guess it feels like time passes by so quickly  when you’re having fun and when you love what you do. Speaking of loving what you do, I’ve always been a water baby and being close to the beach and the ocean just gives me a sense of peace and calm, and mix that with fashion, and traveling, and adventure,  and you’d practically get a slight peak at the beauty life has to offer. I had a mix of a little bit of these when I went out to explore Puka Beach in Boracay, with their crystalline blue waters, interesting sea shells scattered in the white sandy shores and delicious Filipino food. I felt so happy that day just exploring little islets with my Family and I took so many pictures because I really wanted to capture the moment and remember how happy I felt that day. I am very passionate when it comes to taking pictures and my blog since it’s just like my baby, and I hope you guys can somehow relate to this when you find out what your passion in life is.

Passion–It’s very important to find out what it is. Not only does it give you a sense of direction, it actually makes your life worth living. Do you often dream about what you want to become, or what you want to achieve this year? Are you set on doing whatever it takes to reach that dream?









Skirt- Stradivarius

Shades: Ray-Ban

Bikini: Nothing But Water

Hat: Boracay

Bag: Mango