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February 7, 2015

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. This quote had me do things I never thought I would be able to do before. When it comes to selling real estate, you really have to get out of your shell and be able to talk to people in a way that would allow them to trust you and be comfortable with you. You have to be smiling even if you feel like breaking down. You have to eat rejection for breakfast and still keep pushing and to tell you honestly, I really wasn’t a big fan of just talking to strangers and smiling a lot but hell, I did it anyway. If you’re wondering how in the world this is related to fashion, I’d tell you that one big reason I’m really working hard is because I want to be able to buy the things I’m wearing with my own hard-earned money. It felt good because for the first time, I bought this outfit with my own money. I really just used to ask money from my dad, and right now, I just feel really happy and proud that I am able to live comfortably and buy the things I need and even the things I want with something that I worked hard for. I was able to block out my fear and discomfort and every effort is surely worth it.





Moving on to this outfit,I decided to dedicate a day for just retail therapy and immediately went inside Zara, eager and  ready to shop and reward myself with my first ever salary.  I looked around and saw this white sheer-like blouse  instantly fell in love since I knew I could wear with almost anything. I love just how it fell and looked so chic and classy, and I also didn’t think twice when I saw these ripped denim jeans– i figured it’s time I own one. It’s a fresh yet casual look, something that makes you look really ready whether it be walking downtown or shopping at the mall, and would look okay even if it was sunny or chilly.



Top, Jeans, Heels: Zara

Bag: Prada

Sunglasses: Sunnies Studio

(shop at Zalora and enter ZBAP0FT for a 15% discount)

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