Hello there! I haven’t updated my blog as regularly as before since I’ve been super busy with work and I actually broke my camera (insert tears), but hey! Here’s a travel post from my second day in Boracay! I can’t wait to have time to finally upload all the content I have, and show you guys the new stuff I’ve been working on and the new outfits I bought too hihi. Moving on, on our second day, we went to my favorite part of the beach, which was in Diniwid Beach in Boracay. What I love about this part of the beach is that it’s not populated like the beachfront and It has these wonderful rock formations that make the place look so picturesque and dreamy. I spent a good 30 minutes just actually watching the waves crash and just embracing the moment of being by the sea because you forget these little things sometimes when you’re so busy. I really believe that it’s important to stop for a while and to remind ourselves that we should always make time to do the things we love– like listening to the sea breeze and soaking the salty air, and being one with nature.

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Bikini- Triangl Swimwear

Sandals- Aldo

Shades and Hat- from Boracay

Top and Shorts- The SM Store