Harun Yahya once said, “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.”I’ve been undergoing change for quite some time now, all in different ways, through different people and because of different situations, and there’s no other way to go through these changes in our lives rather than to welcome it with open arms. What struck me most about this quote though was that I didn’t realize all along, through my misery and self-pity (it lasted for a day really, haha) that these changes, loss,and unexpected situations are suddenly becoming freedom, independence, and opportunity handed to me. It made me realize really, that hey, being independent means I can travel anywhere I want to, without someone holding me back. I can study Spanish in Barcelona without thinking of a relationship that I have to nurture,I can backpack around Asia, and Surf in Australia without worrying about an other half that I really don’t need right now. I can just think of myself and what I want to do, and basically roam around the earth and explore it, just because I have the liberty to. I really loved this shoot since I got to work with the really humble yet talented, chill and funny, Ashley Yee. We decided to just hop on the car, take a little road trip and ended up running around rice paddies and taking pictures of birds and trying to chase them. It was a hot summer day and I was feeling a little boho, so I wore– what I thought looked like a nightie in the mannequin (thank god I tried it on though), this two-piece off shoulder top and shorts from my go-to store here in Bacolod. I ended up really liking it and wore it again when I went to manila just this week, since it looks so effortless but fashionable. In the season of Beaches, and music festivals, and Coachella, and Love Dance and Wonderland, I also think I’d stock up on these babies more, so please please do watch out for my next post, because I’m super stoked to show you what it’s all about!












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